Democrats See A Silver Lining in A Storobin Victory


Republican David Storobin is currently ahead in the recount of last Tuesday’s special election in Brooklyn, and at least some Democrats see a long-term advantage if his lead holds after all of the absentee ballots are counted later this week.

The advantage, the argument goes, is that due to redistricting, the district Mr. Storobin campaigned for is dismantled, and the new district Mr. Storobin has vowed to seek reelection in does not contain his base in the Russian community. Instead, the new district contains a very heavy Orthodox Jewish population, which would open the opportunity for Democrats to run a conservative, Orthodox Jewish candidate against him.

“[W]ithout Russians in the future Super Jewish district he would not be able to beat Jewish Orthodox Democrat,” Democratic Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny explained on his Facebook wall. “So as a result of that in November ( 2012 general elections ) instead of gaining a seat by electing Jewish Orthodox Republican, Senate Republicans will lose a seat in the Senate.”

Mr. Storobin performed strongly in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in last Tuesday’s election, and, during the campaign, he touted his roots in Boro Park and Midwood, which will become the core of the new district, so he likely sees his electoral prospects differently than Mr. Brook-Krasny.



  1. The Democrats have been invinsible ever since Jews switched about 80 years ago. The pillar of the Democratic machine was the Jewish vote. The other white ethnics might flirt with voting their conservative hearts, but the hard core liberal Jewish view kept them anchored. Now that the Jewish vote is “in play”, there is no anchor, and anything goes. It is debateable whether a coalition of “limosine liberals” with Hispanics and Blacks (both of whom are socially conservative, religious, and more likely to empathize with small business than Wall Street) will be able to rule New York.

    Regardless of whether either has a job next January, the elctions of Turner and Storobin are a pivotal event in the history of New York politics, with serious national implications.

  2. well yes if they find a frum yid , opposed to “spitting on toraseynu hakedosha r”l” the way “avrohom i mean lazer fidler does, and that same frum yid supports lower taxes and vouchers, then yes he would beat storobin handily, but then what would make him a taxocrat?
    what a kiddish hashem that almost 70% of our community understands that the moral fabric of society is more important than the few dollars some sleazy politician promises

  3. Proof that Greenfield was right – a super jew district is stupid and takes away the power of the community. You see the community would have won this seat ANYWAY and had David Storobin there plus several other senators. NOW we will only have Storobin and we lose ALL other senators.

    Agudas Yisroel owes us all an explanation on why they made this back-room deal for a super jew seat.

  4. Weprin is an Orthodox Jew, didn’t help him.

    Storobin, at least due to mismanagement and rumors, was hardly an ideal candidate amongst the Frum Jews. He was up against an established Democratic in a very Democratic district with all the Democratic machine behind him, even Greenfield & CO etc. All the kings country horses and all the kings county men tried to put humpty together again. Didn’t work. Frum Jews are sick and tired of politics as usual, which in NY is Democratic politics.It’s not that we are currently majority Republican by identification (though many are becoming to view themselves as such) but de facto we are unhappy with our Democratic representation, locally and nationally. I think a D near your name know hurts more than helps in Boro Park and Flatbush and the vicinities. Of course, we vote Hikind and Greenfield etc., but we are showing an overall antipathy (as displayed by of the previous mentioneds willingness to do things against their party rather regularly).

    The Democrats might be able to get a Democratic in one of the two districts, but that Democrat will have to be Pro-Traditional Marriage, Pro-Voucher, Pro-Life etc. It will be by all means a Democrat in name only. Not to mention, if a person wanted to seal up a district for the long term then I’d suggest running as a Republican. As a Democrat, a poor move would cause a Republican (also Frum) to run and would likely win. It’d be safer to be a Republican in my opinion in a district that’ll likely vote for Romney 80-20 in November.


  5. Why, I ask, would any really-Frum Yid publicly be a candidate for, and ally himself with a party that is completely controlled by a coalition of baby murderers and Toevaniks?

    I would look very carefully at any candidate who is acceptable to that immoral coalition.