Jerusalem To Become The First City In Israel With New Wireless Millimeter-Wave Technology


Jerusalem is to become the first city in Israel with the new wireless millimeter-wave technology, which will bring with it an array of services including cameras, control and emergency services, parking solution, high-seed internet access to the city schools, free Wi-Fi service throughout the city, high-speed data transmission and more.

Mayor Barkat: “We place Jerusalem in line with the world’s leading smartest cities”.

The Jerusalem Municipality is the first authority in Israel to receive the approval of the Ministry of Communications for the establishment of an independent municipal wireless network. The wireless network will be based on millimeter wave technology, in order to avoid the deployment of fiber optic and transmission lines that are expensive, slow deployment and involve public hazards.

Thanks to the new wireless network, the city’s residents will benefit from data communications at a very high rate. The network will serve as the infrastructure for a smart city, among the services planned for the residents: deployment of a camera system, control services, security applications, emergency and municipal maintenance, smart parking solutions and traffic arrangements, fast internet access to the city’s education system, free Wi-Fi throughout the city.

With the help of the system, which will include HD and HD-4K cameras, the municipality will be able to view real-time events in hundreds of critical locations throughout the city, as will security forces.

The frequencies used by the network are completely free and safe to use, the system is secure and there is no risk of infringement of privacy. The equipment has a very low radiation, lower than a standard home router, thanks to the high frequency and narrow beam.

The Jerusalem Municipality intends to deploy the new municipal communications network within three months, and by the end of 2017 there will be dozens of active links.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that “from one of the oldest cities in the world, we are bringing out the most innovative news in the country, and the innovative technology we will establish in Jerusalem will enable us to upgrade many services to the residents.

Eitan Barzilai, Head of the Economic and Business Development Administration, added that “this is a significant technological breakthrough in smart city applications, and the new technology in the city is an advanced solution to the problem of the fiber optic layout that stems from the special geological structure of Jerusalem. To build a communications infrastructure for a smart and safe city. The municipal communications network will improve the security and quality of service to the residents, alongside a considerable savings in municipal expenses.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: Jerusalem City Hall spokesman unit)


  1. “the system is secure and there is no risk of infringement of privacy”

    Only if the data is encrypted. Millimeter wave signals can be intercepted and exploited just like any other electromagnetic signals.