PHOTOS: Inspectors Apprehend 10 Tons Of Poultry And Sausages In Israel



Inspectors from various agencies took part in a raid which yielded ten tons of poultry and poultry byproducts from the Bissan Company. They products in question posed health and kashrus issues, exhibiting an unauthorized kashrus symbol on packaging.

Rabbi Rafi Yochai of the Kashrus Enforcement Unit of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel confirmed that inter-agency cooperation led to the raid and the removal of the large quantity of products from the marketplace.

The sausage company is located in the Atarot Industrial Park in the northern capital, headed by an Arab from Hebron and a second from Beit Jala, both under PA (Palestinian Authority) control. Despite displaying the kashrus symbol from the Jerusalem Rabbinate, the factory had no kashrus supervision from any agency.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)