Safer Intersections Coming to Boro Park


Brooklyn – Councilman David G. Greenfield, working closely with the NYC Department of Transportation, is bringing safer crosswalks to three of Boro Park’s busiest intersections, where thousands of children and families cross each day on the way to school, work, parks and other activities, located at:

–17th Avenue and 57th Street
–21st Avenue and 57th Street
–21st Avenue and 58th Street.

These high visibility crosswalks will include bright new street markings on all sides of the intersection as well as new pedestrian crossing signs alerting drivers to watch out and stay safe. Community members raised this issue at the town hall that Greenfield hosted with Mayor Bill de Blasio, and this is one of many improvements seen since that town hall in May. The markings have already been drawn, and Brooklyn Transportation Commissioner Keith Bray expects the new signs to be installed soon.

Greenfield explained that these improvements are especially necessary since two of the intersections are near Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School and Greenfield’s newly renovated 18th Avenue Park. Also, the residents of 21st Avenue have long been frustrated by safety concerns. “All New Yorkers should be confident that their children can walk safely to and from our schools and parks and get back home in one piece,” Greenfield said.

This comes on the heels of news that the long awaited stop light at 18th Avenue and 56th Street has finally been approved and will be installed in the fall. Councilman Greenfield also thanked Assemblyman Hikind, Senator Felder and Community Board 12 for their support of these changes.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. These stop signs aren’t worth a dime. Lights are needed. Plus there are several more really dangerous intersections in the neighborhood that are receiving no attention at all. Greefield, get with the program already!

  2. Great accomplishment!

    Can we now seek improvements in two important areas? Please!
    During the week of Parshas Pinchas, it’s appropriate to make this machaoh!
    A) In BP and Flatbush alike people make U-turns across the double yellow lines with impunity: as though it’s legal! In fact, if someone even dares to comment to a driver his reaction is such that the driver is right and the protester is in the wrong! Mamish Sedom!

    B) School bus drivers are NEVER, EVER to make use of their phones while driving our streets! They too do so with impunity!
    I even wonder who uses their phones more while on the road: The cops or our bus drivers!

  3. Maybe the Councilmember could do something about both the dangerous double parking and the accepted practice of women pushing their strollers into moving traffic while they talk on their cell phones. Those are the real dangers.