Former DM Ya’alon Attacks Naftali Bennet – Blaming Him For Terror Attacks


Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon blamed Education Minister Naftali Bennet for the terror attack in the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Duma. The firebomb ‘price tag’ attack turned out being a fatal attack that claimed the lives of a number of people of the Darawshe family. Not signaling him out alone, Ya’alon then attack Minister of Culture & Sport (Likud) Miri Regev, comparing her to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, due to her interference and efforts for more government control over the media.

He cited that it was Bennet who blamed the High Court of Justice when soldiers who came to demolish a home in Beit El were attacked with rocks instead of condemning the actions of the attackers. He also stated the blood of terror victims Rabbi Eitam HY”D and Mrs. Na’ama Henkin HY”D, who were gunned down during Sukkos 2015 in the Shomron “Was on our hands”, referring the then members of the cabinet.

Former head of the Shomron Regional Council, Gershon Mesika responded to the comment about the Henkins on Facebook, citing “The Arabs never need an excuse to murder”, calling the former Defense Minister’s comments and analogy “ridiculous”. He did add that Ya’alon should feel a measure of guilt along with Major-General Nitzan Alon, who was then the Central District Commander.

Ya’alon’s comments were made in a recording released by Galei Yisrael Radio, in which Ya’alon alleges the Duma arson attack is what caused the Henkin murders, with the latter being revenge for the Darawshe family.

Mesika responded back angrily that the bypass roads that were built exclusively for Jews is what led to the murders, blaming IDF and government policies, angrily rejecting any attempt to blame an Arab terror attack on actions of Jews. He spoke of how Ya’alon approved opening roadways to PA residents that were closed to years, explaining these and other such actions placed Jews in perilous danger and led to attacks, which were facilitated by new logistics created by road openings.

Ya’alon has been leveling attacks against the government since being forced out of his senior post, opting to resign from politics and now seemingly working to rebuild himself for a political comeback.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)