Obama’s Bizarre Baseball Bat Pic Stirs Questions

(Sunday, August 5th, 2012 09:49 PM)

It’s the new question buzzing round Washington – why on earth was President Barack Obama holding a baseball bat when he was on the phone to Turkey’s leader?

His spokesman won’t say, but an official picture released by the White House shows the president gripping the bat tightly with one hand, while he discusses the latest news out of Syria with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

White House press secretary Jay Carney promised an answer when asked about the shot on Tuesday — but so far nothing.

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The English language Turkish Weekly wondered about any symbolism in the picture, but said all Carney would say is that Obama is an avid supporter of the Chicago White Sox.

Meanwhile, commenters on U.S. websites were having a field day. “Maybe he’s channeling Teddy Roosevelt now by speaking softly and carrying a bit stick,” said one on Sodahead.com. Another on CNN pondered whether he was ready to “hit anything that comes out of Mitt.”

(Source: NewsMax)

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  1. akuperma says:

    Why not? The Nats look like they’ll be in the playoffs for the first time. I think the last time Washington had a team in the post-season was in the Harding administration.

  2. mark levin says:

    New golf club? After all he wore the others out already and he knows hes going to get trounced Nov 6.

  3. UWSider says:

    Have we had enough evidence that this administration is run (from top-down) by amateurs. This is the stuff of student council elections.

  4. Alter Zaidy says:

    Very Strange and this is an official photo ?????

  5. Milhouse says:

    I think he’s channeling Clinton, veda”l.

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