Terrorist Instructed Regarding Attack by Mysterious Man Across Street Prior to Attack


Yasin Abu al-Qur’a, the terrorist who stabbed a security guard at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem was taken for questions by the Israeli Secret Service (ISS) following his capture after the attack.

From documentation that was revealed during the hour after the attack, security cameras captured al-Qur’a talking to a suspect individual in the vicinity of the bus station immediately prior to his carrying out the attack. He was standing near a crosswalk on the road across from the bus station and was waiting for someone. When the individual arrived after some time, he instructed al-Qur’a to the central bus station by pointing at it. The two whispered to each other and it is possible that something was exchanged between them.

Security forces were then instructed to search after a second person involved in the attack. They were given the outward appearance of the individual in the hopes of a quick arrest.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)