The Rising Price of an Apartment in Yerushalayim


The Marker released a study addressing the rising prices of apartments in the capital. The prices listed below refer to 2 bedroom apartments at the addresses listed.

An apartment at 17 Shaul Avigor Street sold in 2007 for 916,000 NIS and today, a comparable apartment sold for 1.02 million NIS, an increase of 17% in 5 years.

An apartment at 16 Lincoln Street sold in 1999 for 847,000 NIS and today, a comparable apartment sold for 1.9 million NIS, a 225% increase in 13 years.

An apartment at 19 King David Street sold in 2001 for 915,000 NIS and today, a comparable unit sold for 2.5 million NIS, an increase of 300% in a decade.

An apartment at 10 Columbia Street sold for 355,000 NIS in 2004. Today, a comparable apartment in the building sold for 765,000 NIS, a 215% increase in under a decade.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These prices are not nearly as high as I thought they would be and are actually quite reasonable. A comparable 2 or 3 BR condo in New York, London or other major European cities would be considerably higher.

  2. Lots of spacious and gorgeous apartments in Yehuda and Shomron. Time to start building in areas between Yerushalayim and Maalei Adumim. Conquer French Hill and fill the apartments with good, wholesome Yiddim.

  3. Yet compared to the rest of the country, Yerushalayim remains filthy and fetid. A total bizoin to the Ir haKoidish. Huge spilling over dumpsters, bizzare bottle recycling cages and trash littered streets. You would think that the township would spend 1/100th of taxes collected on the multi-million dollar real estate boon to clean up the mess. But they would rather pocket the money and let the chareidim live in squaller.