Meet Candidate Oleg Petrushka


He has a website and makes many promises, but in reality, we don’t know if he registered as a party with the Central Election Committee, and if he did, who is on his list.

Nevertheless, Oleg Petroshka, born in the Former Soviet Union, writes in his website bio that he was a former senior officer in the KGB. He comes from a prominent Jewish family of merchants in Rostov On Don.

Some of his main campaign points as highlight in his promotional video include:

1. Lowering food prices by 40%

2. To draft everyone, including chareidim

3. An apartment for all young couples

4. Public transportation on shabbos

5. Commitment to reduce electricity prices by 50%

6. Commitment to lower gasoline prices to a maximum of 4 NIS a liter

7. A minimum monthly wage of $2,000

8. To restore peace and security to Israel

9. To eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat once and for all

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)