Deri Pleased With Exit Polls


Speaking to the media following the release of the exit polls, Shas leader Aryeh Deri in a smiling and relieved tone stated “The results are outstanding. I want to thank HKBH and Maran for the victory.”

Deri appears to have forgotten his confident predictions of reaching 20 or more seats, and in light of the pre-elections polls placing Shas in the single digits, he appeared extremely surprised as well as relieved by the exit polls showing the party earning 13 seats.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Shas 12
    Gimmel 6

    Shas managed to get 11-13 mandates even with amnon yitzhak and amsalem. 2 times the amount the entire ashkenazi hareidi tsibour received. Interesting to point out that there are more hareidi ashkenazim than sephardim in israel, yet shas managed to get 12 mandates—all lichvod torah. Which can only mean that many non-hareidi sepharadics(at least 8 mandate worth) voted shas since they have emunat hachamim in them! BH for shas and sepharadic jewry.
    Since without shas, 6 mandates would have been useless and a waste of time…

  2. Shas doesn’t just get votes from sefardim. They also get support from ashkenazic and even non-chareidi people because of Shas’ push “for the poor.” Also, there are mesorati sefardim that vote for Shas based on their spiritual connection to Rav Ovadia Yosef.

  3. In addition Charedi Ashkenazim vote for Otzmah LYisroel…
    Remember that the majority of Jews in Israel are Sephardim, and the majority of Shas voters are far from Charedi observance.