Lieberman: Share the Burden a Top Priority


Using Facebook and other forums, Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman stated “the voters have spoken their minds” and the incoming administration must heed that voice, first and foremost regarding the issue of ‘sharing the burden’.

Lieberman also stressed the need for the new coalition to place a heavy emphasis on lowering housing costs in Israel. He is also calling for the implementation of the so-called Norwegian Law, which compels cabinet ministers to resign as MKs, thereby serving as cabinet ministers but not MKs.

Such a move permits others on the party lists who were not successful in entering Knesset to take those seats that are freed up by cabinet ministers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Wow. I wonder why that’s the nation’s #1 agenda!…

    If the word’s preoccupation with tiny Israel an indication of the hand of Hashem in play, the nation’s preoccupation with the Yeshiva boys is no less impressive…

  2. Just for you to know, the chareidi serving in the IDF or a sheirut leumi program is NOT the top issue in Israel. It’s just presented that way on YWN since it’s the top issue for the yeshiva world! In fact, the top issues in Israel are mostly about the arabs and cost of living / the economy. Yes, there’s also a big concern about the chareidim working for a living instead of living off of tax money & handouts – but that goes back to the economy/cost of living issue. To be sure, there’s also an outcry to open the eyes of the chareidim to their obligations in the country too but just recognize that the chareidi issues are just secondary to the average Israeli’s other concerns. YWN just concentrates sound-bites about the chareidi issues on this site because it’s most relavant to their world.