Shas After Round 1 of Coalition Talks


Following round one of coalition talks in Kfar Maccabiah on Sunday 23 Shevat 5773, Shas leader Eli Yishai told the media “there are differences, more than a few. We are working to narrow the gaps between us regarding the budget and sharing the burden for example. The prime minister appears more willing to sign with Yesh Atid, but nevertheless, he does want as broad-based a coalition possible for stability. At present I cannot predict if this effort will be successful.”

Aryeh Deri added “During the election campaign I stated repeatedly that we are genuinely interested in sitting with Lapid in the coalition. If however his position is such that Shas cannot accept it and Shas remains outside the of the coalition, soon Bayit HaYehudi will find itself outside as well for it will not be able to enter such a coalition. It takes a bit of time. In a number of days their rabbis will study and learn the information and they will arrive at their conclusions.”

Leading the Bayit HaYehudi negotiations is veteran MK Uri Ariel, who added “The talks were good, productive. We discussed a number of issues, first and foremost the sharing the burden. I believe that we can find a working formula with Yesh Atid and after that with the chareidim.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)