Assisting in the Mitzvah Of “Covering Your Hair”


mhc-ywn (2)[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] Have you noticed something?

In years past, Orthodox Jewish Women performed the mitzvah of “Kisuy Rosh”, covering the head, in a somewhat uniform manner. Whatever was in, was in.

Remember here in the states when the Classic Style Snood was in? Every woman could be seen in them. And then when they were out, they were out. Ask the manufacturers, and they’ll tell you it was as if it had never existed!

But as the population of Orthodox Jewish Women has b”H exploded, and many different communities have taken root and grown, the variety and “flavor” of head coverings has changed and “exploded” as well.

Classic Snoods are quietly being seen on the streets and are once again and being worn by younger as well as older women! And why not?…They are easy to put on and have a classy look and are very comfortable!

Chenille Snoods have joined the list of the “staple” headcoverings and are all the rage in many communities, and not just in black, but in tons of different colors!

Israeli Tichel Headscarves with the unbelievable variety of ways to tie them are firmly ensconced as a basic, and with the advent of the Pre-tied Israeli Tichel, they’ve become that much easier to put on.

Pre-tied Bandanas which were new just a few years back have really pushed onto the list of mainstay head covers. The wide array of fabrics (cotton, lycra, terry, velour) and the wide array of prints, colors, and appliqués and tail lengths have made it so easy to customize your look.

Then we have Berets, which many feel are more comfortable because they leave nothing hanging on the neck, and Hats which have always been around. Oh, and don’t forget the comfortable and casual Cotton Blend Snoods.

Do you see what we mean? The array of head coverings that are not just available but are actually being bought and worn form a tapestry of Personality and Color.

So what was needed to help this mix along?

A place where someone could browse through all these choices and see what fit their personality.

Well, came along and did just that. carries an array of Crochet Snoods that simply put is unmatched on the web. From the basic Chenille Snood to the long Belgian knit snood with sequins to Crochet Snoods with Tails and Lycra Bands.

Then throw in a dazzling array of Pre-tied Bandanas including Prints, Appliqués as well as Solids, and even ones with added height.

We didn’t stop there we put up the classiest of the Classic Snoods, and dressed them up with appliques for Shabbos, too!

We also have a wide array of Berets from the basic Cotton Womens Beret to designed colorful berets with sequins and trims…we have them all.

And let’s not forget the Milano WiGrip which makes the mitzvah of Kisuy Rosh, oh, so much easier.

Add to the mix an amazing array of hair accessories and headbands to suit all tastes, budgets and the “fads” of every community, as well as a pretty nice selection of costume jewelry and you have one pretty unique website.

And for those women who stick to their Shaitel, carries a full lineup of wig supplies such as wig boxes, wig heads, and wig styling supplies.

So with a flat rate shipping fee of $1.99 and totally free shipping on all orders over $75 within the USA, as well as Free International Shipping on orders over $100 (no, this is no promo – it’s standard), what are you waiting for?

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