Mom & Daughter Critically Injured in MVA Near Ariel Due to Rock-Throwing Attack [UPDATED 8:03PM IL]


186A mother and infant daughter were critically injured earlier Thursday evening 3 Nissan 5773 as a result of a rock-throwing attack. The accident involved a truck and a private vehicle. The accident occurred at about 18:30 on Route 5 near Ariel, in Shomron.

EMS, fire extrication units and IDF soldiers were dispatched. Some of the passengers were trapped in the wreckage, requiring extrication experts.

According to eyewitness reports, the private vehicle veered out of control after being hit with rocks, smashing into the oncoming truck.

UPDATE 19:13 IL: The rocks struck an Afikim Bus Company number 186 bus and the driver lost control, striking the private car. The child, apparently an infant, is in critical condition.

UPDATE 19:29 IL: The mother, a woman in her 40s and a daughter about 4 are listed in moderate-to-serious condition. A younger child is fighting for its life, listed in critical condition. A third child may be injured as well. The bus driver sustained light injuries in the collision.

UPDATE 20:03 IL: UPDATE 20:03 IL: Channel 2 News now reports that the car did not strike a bus as stated earlier, but the passenger vehicle was literally crushed under the rear of a truck after losing control, apparently the result of a terror attack, rock-throwing. A bus was hit, losing control, apparently sending the car into the truck.


The Israel Police Shomron Commander confirms there was rock-throwing in the area and the investigation is continuing. A number of arrests are being made at this time, with police working with the IDF. The commander did not state with absolute certainty that the rock-throwing caused this accident but it appears to be so based on eyewitness statements.


A mother and three daughters were injured, with a younger one, 2.5-years-old listed in critical condition.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



  1. Rock can kill. Rock are a lethal weapon. Those who throw rocks should be treated like some one holding a loaded gun: they should be shot dead!