Lakewood: Fire Destroys Whispering Pines Home With Shul


lfdA fire on Friday night completely destroyed a Whispering Pines home which was home to a Shul, officials tell TLS. The fire started about 10 PM, according to neighbors, and the home was reportedly fully engulfed the time firefighters arrived

Another General Alarm was hit out this morning, when apparently the same house caught fire, sources say.

The home is home to a Bobov Minyan as well.

Nobody was injured, and the fire is under investigation.

(Source: TLS)


  1. Fortunately, it seems no one was hurt. The insurance will replace the building but it will be an inconvenience coming right before yom tov The article doesn’t say whether the fire might have been related somehow to pesach. I recall several fires in years past in the Monsey area from temporary matzoh ovens incorrectly installed at shuls.