Five Top-Tier Candidates To Address Jewish Issues At FJCC’s Mayoral Forum


jewish press forumIn an interview with Zev Brenner Saturday night, Josh Mehlman, the chairman of the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition told the radio host that only the major five Democratic candidates, that stand a chance to become the next mayor of New York City, will participate in Tuesday night’s mayoral forum on Jewish issues. Sal Albanese and Erick Salgado, the host of the event said, were not invited due to the fact that they have not met the minimum criteria of being considered a viable candidate, at least according to public opinion polls.

“Our community is best served if we take the candidates who’re most likely to win – the major candidates who have any shot on winning – and force them to confront the issues and address our concerns,” said Josh Mehlman.

While it was rumored that the remaining serious candidates – Sal Albanese and Erick Salgado – were invited in the last minute to participate, the organizers of the event deny that claim.

In a conversation with YWN, Mr. Mehlman confirmed that only the five major candidates were invited, since the issues at stake are too serious to waste the time given for filibuster.

“We have sent invitations to all of the candidates to meet with the members of our Coalition,” said Mr. Mehlman. “We intend to give all of the remaining candidates an opportunity to lay out their vision and plans to make New York City a better place to live in, and discuss with them their positions on the issues that are at great concern to our community.”

The date and format of the meetings have yet to be finalized, Mr. Mehlman added.

The forum will take place Tuesday evening, June 4th, 8:30 PM, at Public School 193, Bedford Ave. & Ave L in Flatbush.

The Honorary Chairman of the Mayoral Forum is Malcolm Hoenlein, prominent Flatbush resident and Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, and talk show host at WABC 770 Radio.

“We are urging you to attend. It is very important that we have a diverse crowd that will positively represent our community. Your attendance is vital to our success. Please make sure your shul announces this community event on Shabbos and on Tuesday and sends out a reminder to the Shul email list as well,” said Josh Mehlman, director of the FJCC

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Total waste of time! Don’t you see this ruse?! It is becoming clear that the organizers of this “urgent” forum are in the bag for the lesbian Quinn already & let her know that. They promised her that Salgado will NOT be present! They can’t have Erick Salgado sit at the same table with Ms. Quinn as the questions regarding Traditional Marriage would definitly come up. That would make their candidate Quinn very uncomfortable! Its a shame that the organizers think that the residents of Flatbush are so stupid! They have very short memory spans! Does the name David Storobin ring a bell? Yes, that’s right. They said the same thing about him! “Oh come on ,its a waste of time to speak to him”! “He’ll never win against the powerful, experienced, well financed, Lew Fidler”! “You supporters aught to grow up already”! “Stop with your Kvod Shomayim issues like the right to live, Marriage is between one man & one women, allowing the name of God to be mentioned in Public School, etc etc etc…” We in the “Frum” lol community have more pressing issues like gelt, gelt, gelt, gelt, gelt, gelt, gelt, & gelt! Reb Avi Schick/Malcolm, WHO WON??? Please don’t insult our intelligence! Reb Josh, what a shame that you don’t even listen to your own Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Nelkenbaum Shlita, who said publicly that we “MUST” vote for Erick Salgado! Besides for “Askanim” lol, which Rabbonim endorsed your biased Organization???

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself,giving a forum to the lesbian Quinn and protecting her from the questions she should be asked from an “orthodox jewish community”. This is a farce.Rabbi Nelkenbaum (with no ulterior motives except the EMES) and many other rabbonim have endorsed Erick Salgado,the ONLY OBVIOUS choice of any G-d fearing sane jew.He clearly states his positions 1)PRO TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE 2)WILL STOP CITY MEDDLING INTO BRIS MILAH 3)PRO SCHOOL VOUCHERS.Who is the FJCC to determine who has and who doesn’t have a chance.Yidden will see through this charade and know who to vote for come September.