Another Mike, Another Independent, Another Mayor


As if the field of candidates running for mayor as Independents, on the November ballot, is not enough, count it another Mike eyeing the ‘Post’ of mayor of New York City. Michael Post, a veteran employee in the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, told the Staten Island Advance he’s jumping into the mayor’s race as well.

Mr. Post, who’s aiming to petition onto an independent ballot line, didn’t sound especially confident of his chances, Colin Campbell writes. “It’s a lot of signatures,” he said of the 7,500 valid signatures he’d need to collect to even appear on the ballot come Election Day, “but I’m still giving it a shot.”

On his campaign website, Mr. Post lays out a litany of complaints against what he describes as the corrupt and self-serving status quo.

Mr. Post vows to be a different type of representative.

“As a civil servant I have strived to make as much of a difference as I can. I am looking to have a larger impact as a Public Servant, as your Mayor,” he declares on the site.

Get your minds set with an array of choices to pick to be your next mayor, ya’ll.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)