1 in 4 Adults in NJ Moving Back in With Parents


tumblr_ldhv9tyycv1qz7597Is 27 the new 18 when it comes to living at your parents’ house?

According to the US census Bureau, at least 1 in 4 N.J. adults, ages 18-31 live at home and 42% are 24 or older. Experts call it an “epidemic” of millennials leaching off their parents, but does a bad economy and student loan debt crisis justify the situation?

A new survey from Coldwell Banker says parents in the Northeast region are more lenient on this than anywhere else in the US on children moving back home.

But, according to the survey, more than two in three Americans believe that too many adults living at home with their parents are avoiding responsibility, and 65 percent believe too many young adults who move back home after college are overstaying their welcome.

Dr. Susan Newman, a Jersey-based social psychologist and author of the book “Under One Roof”, she says it’s almost expected for kids in N.J. to move back into their suburban homes after college.

But a Moody’s study shows that each new household that is created helps stimulate the economy, so children moving back home might actually hurt economic growth in the state.


(Source: my9nj.com)


  1. Second paragraph, first sentence, reads: “According to the US census Bureau, at least 1 in 4 N.J. adults, ages 18-31 live at home and 42% are 24 or older.” The locution ” ___% live at home” has always bothered me. I think that 100% of people live at home, except for the homeless.

  2. See what a great family man Obama is, he’s bringing families closer together.

    BTW #1, you didn’t pay too much attention in math class, if you had one. How do you get 7 from 5?

  3. Speaking hyperbolically, I hope it is not the case, but can this be the downfall of an empire? You undermine (“redefine”) all values: marriage, loyalty between employers and employees, respect for law and order, what grades at school mean, loyalty to merchants, quality standards when it comes to written language, etc. And what you end up with is a bunch of people who bounce between jobs, burning flags, writing text messages that don’t make sense and using narcotics without committing to a spouse.

  4. #7. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, which imploded from within, we are witnessing the fall of the American Empire, for all the reasons you mentioned and more.