Court Rules in Favor of Naftali Bennett in Jerusalem Race


bennThe Tel Aviv District Court on Monday, 12 Tishrei 5774 ruled in favor of the national leadership of the Bayit Yehudi party. The court was hearing a petition addressing the ongoing dispute between party leader Naftali Bennett and the leadership of the party’s Jerusalem branch.

In line with the ruling, the list in the Jerusalem election will be headed by Bennett’s choice, Dov Kalmanovich and not the local party favorite, Zevulun Orlev. Orlev represents the old guard of the National Religious Party, and with the rise of Naftali Bennett and his team, most of the veteran religious Zionists MKs were ousted from the lineup.

The court ordered the Jerusalem branch to pay court fees.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Bennet may have won the battle here but he is probably going to lose the war as most of the dati-leumi crowd in Yerushalayim are not interested in helping Barkat but rather want Moshe Lyon to win the mayoral election. Bennet is of course supporting Lapid’s choice, Barkat, against all the Gedolim of all sections of the Dati and Chareidi congregations. The Dati voters will probably vote for other parties and not Beit Yehudi, leaving Bennet with a much reduced local party.

    Bennet seems to be a rather foolish politician and refuses to learn from his mistakes (see Chief Rabbi elections).

  2. Barkat, against all the Gedolim of all sections of the Dati and Chareidi congregations. –

    Many Charediim Rabbis have endorsed Barkat rather than Lyon for mayor.

  3. #1- Barkat has shown loyalty to the D”L community, even though as many D”Ls voted for Porush as did for him. It seems that his loyalty will be repaid. To date, certainly, Barkat has garnered far and away more public support and endorsements from D”L rabbis, community leaders and organizations than has Leon, who is widely viewed in D”L circles as Deri’s Trojan horse.