Brooklyn – Greenfield, Deutsch Join Forces After New ‘Knockout’ Attack Hits Midwood

(Saturday, December 7th, 2013)

knockoutAnother possible ‘Knockout game’ attack was reported tonight, as a Jewish Woman was attacked to the back of her head while walking on McDonald Avenue and Bay Pkwy Shabbos afternoon, at 2:30pm. Thankfully, the victim didn’t lose consciousness but was knocked to the ground by an assailant in broad daylight today in Midwood, Councilman David Greenfield tweeted.

The NYPD’s 66 precinct is investigating the story.

In follow up to the report, Councilman David Greenfield spoke with Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch of Flatbush about a coordinated response and ways of how to protect the neighborhood from these ongoing attacks.

Mr. Greenfield tweeted about his phone call to Chaim Deutsch, who was until recently the head of Flatbush Shorim.


Assemblyman Dov Hikind called the most recent attack “sickening.”

Incoming police Commissioner Bill Bratton told The Daily News Friday that’s he committed fighting the growing trend in an aggressive manner.

“We’ll attack trends like knockout the way a doctor goes after a basal cell before it becomes a melanoma,” said Bratton. “That’s what we did with the wolf packs of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Go after them aggressively.”

Meanwhile, The NYPD has ordered the city’s 77 police precincts to stop giving out any information to the media about crimes taking place in their neighborhoods, cutting off a long-standing source of information for New Yorkers, The Huffington Post reported Friday.

According to a terse NYPD edict transmitted citywide, precinct commanders were instructed: “Any requests by media to view complaint reports be referred to the office of the Deputy Commissioner For Public Information.”

(Jacob Kornbluh- YWN)


  1. yaakov doe says:

    Aren’t the complaint reports public record? I hope that our elected officials raise an outcry over this censorship and persuade thje NYPD to continue to release the reports.

  2. Eli51 says:

    There may have also been a possible Knockout attack yesterday Erev Shabbos afternoon Friday 12/06/2013 on Kings Highway & East 16th street as a Group of African Americans pulled a Chinese or Mexican guy to the middle of the street & beat to the floor & ran away. I was @ the scene & witnessed that attack.

  3. Yonatan75 says:

    You need to give a message to stop this crime and only a potential life sentence will do the job.

  4. jerry says:

    People should call their councilman and Congressman and press them to make stopping this heinous crime a top priority.

  5. mek says:

    Where are the Jewish leaders?
    Why are not they make a big deal out of this situation, before, someone gets killed.

    It is a shame that we are so relax abt this disasters.

  6. Yira says:

    We should all be very very happy that Greenfeld and Deutch are joining with each other and not fighting with each other. Such special people.

  7. Ira Finkelstein says:

    It would behoove Mr. Kornbluh, not to politicize a situation like this that places regular people in potential danger. We would expect all of our representatives to work together to eliminate this pikuach nefesh.
    Mr. Kornbluh, we have a right to expect better than this from you.

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