VIDEO: Showdown In Boro Park Between TLC Police & Local Residents



The NYC’s Taxi & Limousine (TLC) Police has lately been spending a substantial amount of time on the streets of Boro Park, stopping vehicles and sometimes ticketing and even towing them. The mission of the TLC Police is to enforce the taxi commission’s rules and regulations. They are apparently looking for illegally operating car services, who do not have proper licensing and insurance.

The video below was taken on Sunday in Boro Park, and submitted by a YWN reader.

The reader tells YWN the following:

“The TLC Police were forced by the officers from the NYPD’s 66th precinct to backoff, after brave Boro Parkers would not let them get away with their wild west activities”.

The TLC Police are apparently unaware that many Orthodox Jews give rides to the many residents hitching rides around the neighborhood, never taking a dollar for their services.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Yeah but there plenty of non
    Licensed car services as well and we all no it. Problem is that people with no attachments to car services are being stopped as well

  2. No indication of exactly what happened, just a video of a crowd and a man screaming “our rights are being violated”. At the least you should contact the 66 precinct and the TLC for comment.

  3. Statists and post-constitutionalists have a new ally: technology.

    The total surveillance police state has finally arrived – in New York City, at least – following a marriage between NYC officials and Microsoft.
    Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, have unveiled a massive new $40 million spy system that literally puts the entire city under surveillance.
    The Domain Awareness System, as it’s called, was designed by the NYPD and Microsoft to incorporate data from surveillance cameras, license-plate readers (did you know about these?), crime reports and radiation detectors to provide police with instant, real-time tracking capabilities.

    There will soon be Cameras all over Boro Park that will monitor everything including Mohelim, car buisness, & everything up your nostrils. Sundays 13th Avenue episode is most likely just a warm-up.
    Thanks to BP’s dear Assemblyman who supports and advocates for additional cameras in the community & doesent even live around there.

  4. I was looking for the burning buildings the smashed windows and the signs hat read no juden I couldn’t see any of that. I was also looking for nazis rounding up all the Jews I couldn’t see that either.
    How low have we sunk when we need to insult the memory of the kedoshim by trivualizing what happened with this nonsense

  5. Unlicensed car services have to be removed don’t get into one. You are uninsured as a passenger. Here is the scenario CV the driver gets into a major accident or even a minor one that requires you to go to the ER and get a head CT. Your insurance will not pay (even medicaid) because the ER will bill your visit as a result of an MVA for which your insurance will claim the drivers auto insurance is responsible for.
    Next, you will contact the driver or the company to get their information. They of course will not have the appropriate coverage (otherwise they would just be legal). They would either have to cooperate with you and say that you were in the car because you were a friend to the Driver and he/she was just giving you a ride but there is no incentive for them to do that as this would cause their regular car insurance to go up. Its just easier for them to say they dont know you. Or their insurance even gets a whiff that the vehicle was used as a “car service” via the police report etc its over they will not pay. The only one that gets stuck with the 5021.67 Er and radiology bill is you and you credit report.

  6. the guy screaming “racism, nazi germany 1939, kristallnacht” is an imbecile and his comments are insulting to anyone who actually endured the sufferings of the holocaust. from the video its difficult the tell what the issues are but i havent heard reports of jews in BP being rounded up to gas chambers and all the shuls being burned so the holocaust comparison reeks of hyperbole and is the ranting of a complete shoyteh.

  7. Its questionable whether the tlc is anti semitic. What’s not questionable is whether the over the top reaction by the beheimos in BP will cause future anti semitism by any normal thinking person watching it.

  8. Shredready,

    Go back to VIN or the Failed site, where you belong. For you to accuse anyone else of chilul Hashem is the utmost irony.

  9. Wild West activities? give me a break they were there because laws are being broken our community needs to get over our persecution complex and regain our humility and appreciation of being able to live free.

  10. The police should have arrested the idiot we hear screaming “racism” “Nazi” etc. At some point, those who trivialize the memory of the kadoishim by these kinds of comparisons deserve serious punishment. Lock him away and play this video 24×7.

  11. it’s RACISM when they stop each car that has a woman sitting in the back, knowing that Jewish men won’t sit near a woman who is not their wife. doesn’t matter if she’s sitting there because she had a baby or they just had a major fight!!!!

    reminds me of the inquisition who suspected everyone getting in September that they are Jewish….

  12. It is entirely legal to give hitchhikers a ride. The TLC falsely accused the drivers giving someone a hitchhike of being taxis. The only thing illegal is driving people for pay without being a licensed car service.

  13. Where I lived in NY, the local precinct had an incestuous relation with the local car service. There were instances of the shmatte cars being used as undercover units. We had a car stolen, we reported it, and we found it ourselves, stripped of its tires, radiator, and child car seats, immediately across the street from where the car services’ street mechanic worked on their cars. This was a ratty area but one where a patrol passed at least twice daily. They just didn’t “see” the car for five days until we found it. Our older GM parts just happened to match their older GMs. Circumstantial yes, but where there is rampant corruption, connecting the dots is often very accurate.

  14. The screaming and comparing to the holocaust is totally disgusting! It’s to ‘brech’ from. And what does anything have to do with “our religion”?

  15. Some background to the story: There had been lately a targeted approach by the TLC where they have targeted this community for illegal car services. Unfortunately, they stop a car with passengers and assume that it’s a car service. On the spot they tow the car and arrest the driver. This is done with no evidence or reasonable cause. Many innocent people have been caught up in this. People have been arrested dropping off their own wives, mothers, sisters, etc. In this case, the driver dropped off his wife and was spotted by the TLC. He made it clear to them but was treated like a criminal. Only after the crowd got loud and the local police were called, was the driver released. If this was another community, there would be riots. This was a kiddush hashem – except for the idiot screaming “nazis”.