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“I’m here for my child and ready to do everything I know how to do; why is access to “tsugepast” shidduchim hard to come by?”  When parent’s are confounded by how to navigate shidduchim effectively, Mrs. Malka (Juravel) Schulman, acclaimed Certified International Life/Relationship Coach, and Expert Dating Mentor provides parents with effective Essential Hishtadlus. “When everything you know how to do, is not working… you need to change the hishtadlus! Make a decision to make different choices,” she suggests. ” And don’t do it alone!”

Mrs. Malka Schulman is equipped to help parents.

A SHIDDUCH FOR YOUR CHILD“, parent webinar is acclaimed and rabbinically endorsed.  It’s the choice that hundreds of parents are makingThe 2 part seminar begins on Sunday, March 2, 2014 (10 AM EST) – Part One; and continues on Sunday, March 9, 2014 (10 AM EST).


A SHIDDUCH FOR YOUR CHILD“, keeps the shidduch process simple and easy.  It gives a parent practical step by step guidance, helps remove confusion and ambivalence  and eliminates frustration, fear and pain.  It’s illuminating!
Parents, you’ll gain clarity into your own readiness, your child’s readiness and into the core characteristics being looked for by your childYou’ll learn how to introduce your child to a network of people who care, how to write a “result-producing” resume and how to stay within the radar of shadchanim who will call back.  Mismatching will be reduced since you’ll  ask smart basic and in-depth screening questions, that unmask a “tsugepast” prospect.
And that is only the beginning of the support a parent gets.  Each participant receives a new list of shadchanim, including  their contact information and specialty.


What is really causing a stir, and the sense of “strength, ease, calm, confidence and security” for parents is the opportunity for parents to get their questions answered LIVE and troubleshoot with the renowned dating mentor herself, Mrs. Malka Schulman, during two additional hours of open Q&A for all participants.  Private slots are available for personal 1-1 limelight coaching with Mrs. Schulman, for a limited number of early-birds.

Get Help Marrying Off Your Child.

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