BREAKING: Delta & USAirways Halting All Flights To Israel [UPDATED 11:40AM ET]

(Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 11:40 AM)


Delta has canceled all flights to Israel indefinitely, citing a report of a rocket near the airport in Tel Aviv.

The airline said it had to divert a 273-passenger flight to France because of reports of a rocket or associated debris near Ben Gurion International Airport.

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It said it suspended service until further notice between the Israeli airport and it’s New York-JFK hub.

Haaretz is reporting that U.S. Airways suspend flights to and from Israel on Tuesday  following a warning from the FAA given after a rocket fell earlier Tuesday in Yehud, near Ben-Gurion International Airport.

United has suspended all flights for today.


(AP / YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. a good Jew says:

    And Israel will sit back and let hamas control this war ENOUGH!! CARPET BOMB THEM!! Imagine airlines stop flying to JFK??

  2. iamdisgusted says:


  3. Not getting involved says:

    Halt all flights? Rockets reaching Ben Gurion airport? That’s strange. Obama said Israel did “enough” “damage” to the Hamas infastructure. Everything is now ok. What’s the concern? Obama/Kerry wouldn’t sell Israel down the river.

  4. PW says:

    Can you please give a source to verify this?? I have a flight tomorrow!! United has not changed their flight status. Thank you.

  5. charliehall says:

    ‘Rockets reaching Ben Gurion airport? That’s strange. Obama said Israel did “enough” “damage” to the Hamas infastructure.’

    Wrong. As reported right here on YWN, Obama said that the IDF has done “significant damage” not “enough” “damage”:

  6. computerbubby says:

    So fly El Al. Support Israel, not airlines that give us a hard time & make the journey unpleasant.

    And don’t forget: BOYCOTT TURKISH AIRLINES!

  7. realistic100 says:

    Typically commercial aircraft avoid war zones, and don’t way the chances that much.

    The simple fact is, the FAA was the only body who banned flight entirely over eastern Ukraine.

  8. fwiw says:

    The exact wording is beside the point. You know very well that Obama’s point in saying that, followed in the next breath by a call for a ceasefire ASAP, is exactly what NGI implies. The president was saying that now that Israel has scored some points militarily, and perhaps even degraded Hamas’ capabilities, it’s time to stand down and not kill any more people.
    He has shown no regard for Israel’s legitimate need to free itself completely from the Hamas threat.

  9. Mark Levin says:

    Charlatan has spoken so there is nothing else to say.


  10. chjewess says:

    Diverted to France?? Seriously? Do they have any idea what is going on in France right now? Would have been MUCH safer to land in Israel

  11. rkefrat says:

    yup fly ELAL. as soon as the other airlines pulled out ELAL fares went from 1500 to 2500 – nothing like taking advantage of the situation.

  12. YITZCHOKY says:

    AND AFTERWARD boycott these airline
    obumma for once help you do nothing but fund raise. Sound too much like Hamas also looking from funding from the entire world

  13. Yaapchik says:

    Except for Charlie Hole I agree with all the comments stated above!
    I thought obambam, although the exact words are accurately reported by Charlie, his body language clearly indicated that he felt it’s enough! Same is with the kerry when he described the hell of the pinpoint comment that wasn’t supposed to be on the air!

  14. ari-free says:

    With this, Obama effectively BDS’ed Israel.

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