Hamas Executes Palestinians For Collaborated With Israel

(Thursday, August 7th, 2014 03:43 PM)

hamasnA number of Palestinians who have collaborated with Israel have been executed by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, a website revealed today.

Al-Majd website, known to be have close links with Hamas, said that the “resistance factions in Gaza executed a number of collaborators, who were monitoring the activities of the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip and houses in the areas of different parts of the sector”.

The website quoted a security source, whose identity was not disclosed, saying that “a number of collaborators have been executed in the battlefield while they tried to disrupt the resistance’s movements and stifle ambushes specially set up for the Israeli army.”

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The site said security forces would continue to “deter collaborators, Israeli intelligence and tenderness by accelerating reprisals for collaborators in the sector.”

He added: “The resistance will not have mercy on any of those tempted to provide the enemy information regarding the resistance and its men, and the death in the field will be what they get.”

(Source: Middle East Monitor)

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  1. takingabreak says:

    Might I suggest that we learn from them how to treat our enemies

  2. akuperma says:

    Being anti-war is a crime to the Palestinians. Actually many zionists would love to execute non-zionists Israelis but at this point the majority of Israelis have yet to turn into hard core fascists (though wars over time, tend to do that to a people – the longer you are forced to base your culture on militarism the harder for anything else to survive).

  3. this raises the civilian death toll for the Palestinian people too

  4. yochy says:

    what do you mean I can believe the practitioners of the religion of peace did that – must be a mistake

  5. 2qwerty says:

    Yes if they shoot rockets tomorrow let’s not send in any troops and just shoot the same randomly targeted rockets back.

  6. Lamid Vov Zaddik says:

    Where is the UN condeming this human rights??

  7. kehath64 says:

    Lol……we should do that Tibi and that crazy lady

  8. interjection says:

    Just watch Hamas add these Palestinians to the list of casualties killed by the IDF.

    So sad that they were murdered for helping Jews.

  9. MDshweks says:

    In many cases it simply means the someone spoke to loudly against Hamas…

  10. loudandproud says:

    Hey UN guys,Pelosi, CNN,
    Ya still think Hamas is a humanitarian organization? They’re killing they’re own. Wake up and smell the coffee ya thickheaded idiots.

  11. avreimi says:

    “The resistance will not have mercy on any of those …….”
    Sounds like they have mercy on others. My definition of having mercy is not one that includes using the elderly, women and children as human shields. When will the so called “civilized” world wake up to the fact that these supporters of allah have no morals at all.

  12. israelis says:

    We could never behave like the perah Adam. We are rachmanim bayshanim and gomlei chasadim.

  13. machon3 says:

    You’re joking. Kill a Yid. Is that the Halacha?

  14. 6482 says:

    May I suggest we learn nothing from them; they’re brutal terrorists, we’re not.

  15. zue1942 says:

    Typical Hamas justice .

  16. yaakov doe says:

    Could someone advise Hamas that there are many hundreds of “collaberators” still in Gaza watching every move. Is the UN going to investigate these deaths?

  17. Erez613 says:

    I don’t see what the problem is. If they are killing each other, that’s perfectly fine by me. They should continue till there is only one left and then hopefully he’ll put a built in his own head.

  18. yet says:

    coffee- addict: Ha ha! Still, the brotherly executions should be publicized on world media.

  19. Not getting involved says:

    Where is Susan Rice with her “statement” of “condemnation”? Why hasn’t Susan called for “both sides” of the Hamas people to show “restraint”?

  20. yerushalmi in exile says:

    we ought not ask the UN to go and save them, because the UN is more than happy to start shooting off rockets themselves.

  21. About Time says:

    #12 isreali

    (If the past century has taught us anything)

    Never say Never

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