Stern Thanks MKs Who Backed Giyur Bill Along with Conservative & Reform Movements


sternAfter the cabinet on Sunday 9 Marcheshvan passed the Giyur Bill sponsored by MK (The Movement) Elazar Stern, the latter did not hide his enthusiasm over the success. Stern was quick to thank coalition and opposition members that worked and supported his bill, also using the opportunity to thank the Tzohar Rabbonim organization as well as the Conservative and Reform Movements.

It did not take too long for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to announce it would not accept the decision or abide by it. Stern was quick to call on the Chief Rabbis of Israel to accept and honor the cabinet decision. He calls on them to release a statement that they will recognize all converts that become Jews under the new law.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mr Stern and his people expect the Chief Rabbis to agree that the Knesset makes and decides halacha. Plainly they are deluded and determined to prove – without realising it – that Israel is not a Jewish State. Whoever is “Jewish” based on the State’s pronouncement is unlikely to be a Jew

  2. Of course this rasha sh”y and his sponsors are ecstatic!

    Hold it! Supposedly Reform was blocked by this ‘wonderful compromise’,how come they’re also so happy!?

    Other than semantics (and the signature of a secretary from the office of the chief rabbinate)how is this different than the previous bill ?!

  3. If dwelling in a semi-”jewish milieu” is enough, as the gov’t fiat intends, to regard one officially as jewish,

    might every gentile working in your local religious institution,or living in Boro Park and speaks a few jewish expressions offically claim now to be a jew?!

  4. Most Meforshim hold that all the Procedures that we do for a Ger, (including Mila, Tvila, Kabolas Ol Mitzvohs), is only M’drabonon.
    Min Hatorah, as soon as someone says that he wants to join Klal Yisroel, he is a Ger.
    Just like by Ruth, Bas Pharoh, and others who didn’t do any Procedures.
    See the Sugia in Yevomes. There is no Limud from any Psukim about the Procedures.

  5. i love it when people call themsleves apikorsiim

    (it means i dont need to do it)

    yira stated

    “most miforshim hold…. is only d’rabanon”

    in other words

    “im no different than a tzeduki”