VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Assemblyman Dov Hikind Getting Arrested While Protesting The Iran Deal In Front Of Senator Schumer’s Office




Today, along with 8 others, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was arrested by the New York Police Department in an act of civil disobedience calling on Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) to publicly oppose the Iran deal and to commit to leading the fight to stop it in Congress. Hikind was arrested as the group protested and chanted in front of Senator Schumer’s office, calling on him to “Chuck the deal.” “We have been called on to act and now is not the time to remain silent,” remarked Hikind. (photos attached)

Hikind continued: “We’re pleading with Senator Schumer to step up and lead this fight. Schumer’s voice is critical, with other senators looking towards him to take a stance. I see millions of people in Iran chanting ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’ and we’re negotiating with this regime? It’s insane.”

“We’ve listened to Senator Schumer for years and how he takes every opportunity to explain the origin of his name Schumer and what it means for him to be a proud ‘Shomer’—which in Hebrew means protector. From your time as Congressman to one of the most powerful members of the Senate, Senator Schumer, you have repeatedly called yourself our ‘shomer’ (protector). Now is the time to live up to your claim and put your words into action. We need you to demonstrate leadership on one of the most critical foreign policy issues of our time. Be our protector and stop this terrible deal.”

“Senator Schumer says he will ‘do the right thing.’ These are unprecedented times and it’s time to stop this deal, which is disastrous for America and our allies in the Middle East. This will define your legacy. I am sure you will not allow partisan politics or any other considerations to cloud your judgment.”


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  1. I never understood you have to break the law to get your point across.i am sure there is a better this the way public officials act all you show is that it’s ok to break the law and disobey law enforcement I think the public expects better

  2. I can’t believe it. The blacks and 99 percenters and the unions can cause mayhem, destruction, stop traffic, and nobody stops them. I don’t know why he was arrested, but I’m sure he wasn’t setting fires or trashing cars.
    Blatant anti-semitism, and probably orders from higher up not to let any Obama dissenters have a say.

  3. #1

    We are talking about Pikuach Nefesh here, not petty politics as you seem to make it. I’m not quite sure what he did to warrant arrest anyway.

  4. This is a terrible chilil Hashem and it is brought down that their is no kaporah for chilil Hashem and the only way to change this entire nuclear deal is to daven to hashem we are not doing anything by protesting

  5. Deegee,

    Nobody is breaking any laws. It is called Constitutional right to express free speech and to protest against what one feels is a government injustice as long as it is peaceful. Now what others have done such as in Florida where they burned buildings down which is not protected by the Constitution but rather illegal there they should have been arrested not here as what had happened with Hikind. JMHO

  6. it’s not Hillul Hashem, I would say it’s a kiddush hashem. Unlike some others who defend Rabbi who ran away from police and hiding and speaking out of hideout and saying he is a big tzadik, I think Dov and others arrested are actually tzadikim and not selfish people. It reminds me when I was attending one of the memorials in Brooklyn for Rabbi Meir Kahane ZTL”, and his son who was murdered (along with his wife) few weeks after I heard him shared a story about his father.

    He said one time rabbi Meir Kahane was arrested at the demonstration for the struggle to free the Soviet Jews (he was arrested many times for that) and when he got to his cell, he saw a crying young man who was also arrested for the same demonstration. He came up to him to cheer him and give him chizuk and asked him if he is crying because he is a afraid of the arrest, and the many replied to him: No, rabbi. I’m crying because I can not control the great feeling that the first time in my life I did something for other Jews, Jews who i never knew, but I did it anyway, and that is why I’m crying, because I can not be more happy and proud of myself.
    So all of you who accuse Dov and others, who did you do for other Jews? What did you do for Jews of Israel? I’m not talking about your family or Jews next door to you, but to Yiden you don’t know personally? Think of that the next time you want to attack anyone who is standing up for Jewish people in 90s degree heat instead of sitting home, while you sitting in nice air-conditioning room. Do you think just davening is enough for Hashem?

    The reason why Dov is arrested because he can be arrested, and NYPD is not afraid of any riots, fires, or destroying stores & cars etc. Because he does not resist the arrest, there will no one standing up for him, suing the city for millions, and his politicians friends are going to be silent unlike with the other guy from Staten Island.

    BTW, if you remember our mayor De Blasio. while he running for the mayor’s seat, also was arrested in front of the hospital that was supposed to be shut down.

    Good luck to Dov, and all others who stand up for Jewish people.

  7. The police were following orders. An investigation ought be launched into who ordered the arrest. He ought be exposed and voted out of office.
    Istill can’t figure out why he had to do this to het his point across. What happened to dialogue?

  8. what’s with all these extreme comments. I don’t see the big deal ??? looks like a peaceful protest which the police intervened probably due to some law about protest permits or some other minor infringement. Hikind got his point across. hopefully it will make a difference. probably not, but who really knows

  9. At least he’s doing something. We cannot sit idly by while this closet Muslim president tries to chas v’shalom destroy Israel along with the United States

  10. It’s nice to see a New York State Assemblyman arrested for something other than bribery or stealing from the public. And I don’t like Mr. Hikind or his position on the Iran/P5+1 deal.

  11. Hymie time to grow up and relize he’s right whe you sit and do nothing
    If anything this will bring more exposure go this tradgedy

  12. Dov Hikind is areal HERO! He has guts to go against his fellow democrat and possibly jeopardize his career in order to save Millions of Jewish lives.

  13. Was he arrested, (meaning, detained taken to the precinct, mug shots, bail, court date, etc). or was he placed in handcuffs for a little bit, taken away from the scene and released. I assume the latter is true and if that’s the case, everyone needs to grow up and stop making up conspiracy theories about anti-semetism

  14. Dov Hikind I respect what you do for the Jewish people. However, Dovid HaMelech said, “Do not rely on nobles, nor on a human being for he holds no salvation.” (Tehillim 146:3. See also Tehillim 118:8-9, then 5-7).

    Also, the Novi (Yeshayah 30:15) tells us a rule, “In stillness and peacefulness you will be saved…” What does this mean? It’s the million man march in Israel. That event was a gathering purely for tefillah.

    If we just heed Hashem’s word today, He will end our trivial and suffering” (Tehillim 95:7). Return to Hashem – not man – and pray for Him to redeem us. That’s how we were saved in Shushan (see Esther 4:16) and that’s how we will saved before Hashem sends Moshiach! (see Sotah 49b)

  15. To all those who are annoyed at Mr Hikind because Tfila is the only answer, I say:

    During the Holocaust era we had very holy people davening and it didnt prevent the Holocaust.

    Like my very brilliant mother a”h used to say:

    “Ti, it er Gut helfen”. We have to do Hishtadlus in whatever we can do, IN ADDITION TO Tfila. Its the same with a million other issues among very frum Jews. “Ain Somchin Al Hanes”.

  16. Besides, during the holocaust they held a big rally in Washington known as “the rabbis March” where many choseheve rabbanim participated.