VIDEO: Intended Victim of Terror Thanks HKBH After Escaping Deadly Gunfire



Rabbi Itai Halevy, rav of the community of Migron hosts a seudas hodayah to thank HKBH for saving him as he was targeted in a shooting attack on his way to nearby Psagot.

The rav explains how he arrived at the area of the road between Kochav Yaakov and Psagot, citing “I do not see anything out of the ordinary”. Suddenly two terrorists appeared and opened fire from about two meters from the road, moving closer and opening fire at point-blank range. Later on I realized that the gunfire hit the windows.

The rav explains only later he realized the terrorists had lights affixed to their weapons and aimed at the vehicle and the first bullets passed through the car from light to left. “I felt them pass. I do not know how to explain it but I felt the bullets pass. I think perhaps the biggest miracle is that the vehicle did not stop, but I was able to continue driving as bullets passed by me”.

He explains that as he continued driving then ran in the road towards him and fired at the rear of the vehicle and bullets passed over his head as was evident by the holes in the windshield. The rav says about ten bullets entered the passenger cabin of the vehicle and authorities recovered spent shells from 22 bullets.

He continues detailing the incident and his feelings and of course the need to thank HKBH for the Siyata Dishmaya that permitting surviving the attack, unharmed.

The communities mentioned are located in the Binyamin Regional Council district of the Shomron.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)