In One Month Chareidi Soldiers Countered Five Terror Attacks


idffDuring the month of December 2015, chareidi soldiers of Netzach Yehuda have countered five terror attacks in the northern Binyamin area: Three vehicle attacks and two stabbing attacks. Also, the soldiers have neutralized five more terrorists, who were operating under the cover of demonstrations taking place in the area.

In the last months, the chareidi soldiers of Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi) have been operating in the area of Northern Binyamin and the Gush Shilo area, an area in which several terror attacks have taken place during the current terror outburst, amongst them were the attacks in which Dani Gonen and Malachi Rosenfeld were murdered.

The three vehicle attack attempts, which were foiled by the battalion’s soldiers, all took place at the same location, a week apart from one another. In the first attack, which took place earlier last month, a soldier of the battalion was injured. As a result, the safety procedures in the battalion were stressed, which, along with the soldiers’ vigilance, enabled the counter of the next two vehicle attacks, taking place at the same location on the consequent Fridays to follow.

The soldiers, as mentioned, have also countered two knife attacks which took place in the Binyamin area and in Jerusalem during the last month. The first attack occurred when, under the cover of a demonstration in the area, a terrorist leaped from his car and stabbed one of the battalion’s soldiers. His fellow company men acted quickly and neutralized the terrorist. In the days to follow, a soldier of the battalion neutralized the terrorist who committed the vehicle and knife attack last month, at the Romeima neighborhood in Jerusalem, injuring 3 Israelis. The soldier, who happened to the scene while riding a bus in the area, quickly perused the terrorist and took him down.

Rabbi Yaron David, among the Nachal Chareidi foundation’s rabbis, adds that “In the last month, B’siyata Dishmaya, the soldiers of the battalions have stood bravely against the challenges they were facing, with determination, vigilance and devotion to their mission. These actions of counterterrorism are proof of the importance of our mission in the area”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What exactly are you trying to tell us? The same result would have come, or probably no need to act in first place; had these chareidi young men stayed in Yeshiva learning!

  2. All those in Yeshiva, please continue to learn HARD lema’an kol amcha bais Yisrael. Those out in uniform, it seems the Torah (ergo HAKB”H) supports the statute, “Haba lehargecha, hashkem lehargo.” Why is there an argument here. I’s a mitzvah deoraisa. Lets see any of you chicken-hearts get the guts to do what they do!