NYC Launches New Program To Keep Streets Clean


nycsMayor Bill de Blasio is unveiling a new program he believes will keep New York City’s streets cleaner.

The program will step up anti-graffiti efforts, increase power-washing of sidewalks in busy commercial areas and bolster anti-litter efforts along the city’s highways and onramps.

The plan, dubbed CleaNYC, will also increase the frequency of public wastebasket collections on city streets.

De Blasio announced the plan Wednesday at a Sanitation Department depot in Manhattan. He says the city’s residents “deserve clean streets.”

The program will cost $4.2 million in expense funds in the upcoming fiscal year and $2.5 million in capital funds.

The plan will go into effect in all five of the city’s boroughs.



  1. The law forbids the hanging of posters onto lampposts as is commonly done in our neighborhoods. Their plans include the ticketing of offenders, as best they can. Mosdos and community events are not free to hang posters advertising their events.

  2. The program is called “Ways to ROB the foolish people living in NY”

    Another program designed to give another opportunity to give fines and bring in cash to the city!!!!