Petach Tikvah: Police Escort for a Public Bus as CPR Ongoing in the Bus


bThe bus driver slammed on the brakes Wednesday morning 24 Shevat as he tried to avoid hitting pedestrians on Chovavei Tzion Street at the intersection of Montefiore Street in Petach Tikvah. As a result, two passengers on the bus went flying, a man and a woman.

The man, in his late 70s, went into cardiac arrest and CPR was started on the bus. The woman sustained a light leg injury. One of the pedestrians, also in his 70s, also sustained a light injury.

For various reasons, the decision was made to permit EMS personnel to continue CPR on the bus, which received a police escort to Beilinson Hospital. The two other victims were transported by ambulance.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos & Video: עיתון השבוע פ”ת via Media Resource Group)


  1. One reason to continue on the bus is because you have alot more space to work then on the type two ambulance that MDA uses.
    Another reason this was good for this situation is that the Lucas compresion device had been deployed.You can actualy see the carrying case through the rear door window.