MK Muallem: Total Separation Between Jews And Arabs the Only Way to Stop the Terror


walMK (Bayit Yehudi) Shuli Muallem told the dati leumi Kippa website in her view, the only way to stop the ongoing Arab terror attacks is by totally separating the two populations.

She explained that for example, two weeks ago she visited the Hebron Jewish community and saw the site of a recent Shabbos attack. She explained it is the only street that remains open to Jews but it is also open to Palestinian traffic while in the past it was closed to Palestinian traffic. She explained it is a 50-70 meter strip but this is sufficient to give the Palestinians access to the IDF soldiers.

She feels that since the Jews in Hebron are a minority there must be special consideration for their plight and simply states, PA (Palestinian Authority) residents can travel freely in the PA area so there is no reasons for them to be permitted in the one area open to Jews.

She then referred to Gush Etzion Junction, which has been hit hard with terror attacks in recent months. She feels Arab drivers must understand that the area is open to all, to travel freely, but the moment they begin taking advantage and carrying out terror attacks, the message must be total separation between Jews and Arabs. She feels if this is what the situation demands, so be it, adding “We must first concern ourselves with the lives of the area Jewish residents, which is the priority”. She feels certain roads must now be closed, off limits to Arab drivers as a result of the many terror attacks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Roads can be closed & should be closed to Arab YET how does seperation work when the patient lying in the bed next to your parent is Arab, the street cleaner & Egged bus driver & nurse at clinic & cashier at super Sol is ARAB.

    The reality speaks a different language!