Modi’in Resident Indicted for ‘Incitement to Violence And Racism’ Via Facebook


fcbkModi’in resident Eliyahu Muallem, 27, was indicted in the Ramle Magistrate Court on charges of incitement, referring to Facebook posts dating back to 2014. The charge is incitement to violence and racism.

Muallem used Facebook to call on the masses to act, to strike out against Arabs; PA (Palestinian Authority) residents and Israeli Arabs alike. In his posts he cited Arab MK Hanin Zoabi by name as a possible target as well as members of the extremist left-wing Israeli community. He also praised the murder of 16-year-old Israeli Arab resident Mohammad Abu-Khadir, expressing his hope the next time the victim would be even younger.

His posts were received by his 1,280 friends and bounced around from there.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)