Senior Egged Officials May Face Criminal Charges in the Fatal 402 Accident


eggSenior Egged officials were summoned by police for questioning in connection with the recent number 402 bus accident on Highway 1 that led to six deaths and the injuring of others. Killed in the accident were

· Yaakov Meir Cheshin, 27

· Yisroel Weinberg, 26

· Aharon Mordecai Cohen, 18

· Mrs. Leah Melamed, 60

· Levi Yitzchak Amdari, 18

· Mrs. Chana Pesha Frankel, 23

According to the Channel 2 News report, four Egged officials are being probed by police and they may face charges of causing death by negligence. Officials includes the Jerusalem district director, a senior human resources officials and safety officer.

Police are aware of the driver’s earlier accident, the fact they he was suspended from the line and reinstated, as well as an evaluation that documents he poses a danger to the public, yet he continued at the wheel. Police also wish to determine who made the decision to return the driver, Chaim Biton, to the wheel of the 402 line.

In a related matter, the family of victim Sara bas Dina Sperling continues to ask the tzibur to be mispallel for their daughter, a kallah who was very seriously injured as doctors continue to fight to save a badly injured hand and leg.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)