Israeli Women Have the Smarts But Still Earn Less


isflWhile the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics released a report for International Women’s Day that women are more educated regarding higher education, it also documents this in not reflected in their salaries in the workplace. The average women’s salary in 2014 was NIS 7,439 monthly, which amounts to two-thirds of an average monthly male’s salary.

Interestingly the report cites the women are more educated than men, but still earn less. The average monthly salary for women at the end of 2014 was NIS 7,439 as compared to men, 11,114 shekels.

Other interesting facts include: (at the end of 2014)

· Women marry later, at the age of 25.1 as opposed to 24.5 in the past

· Women have their first child at 27.5 compared to 26.5-years-old ten years earlier

· Life expectancy for women in Israel is 84.1

· Life expectancy for men in Israel is 80.3

· There are approximately 3,042,900 women in Israel

· 58.1% of the student body in higher education in 2014-2015 were women

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Those statistics might be very misleading. The article states nothing about: which jobs women are doing – i.e., if a larger percentage of women than men is working in professions like education that pay lower salaries, that will have obvious effects on the median salary.

    It also states nothing as to how many hours the average woman works. Generally speaking, more women work part-time than men. If that’s the case, then again, the median salary will be lower when you work out the average.