PHOTO: Can You Guess Who This Man Is? He Was At The Sheva Brachos For The Daughter Of Eli Yishai Tonight

(Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 04:15 PM)

bIf you give up, check the extended article for another photo of this man.

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  1. golfer says:

    Ah Freilichen Purim?!

  2. btk714 says:


  3. ahronahronchoviv says:

    Let’s play guess who

  4. ShHaNa says:

    The reverse Matisyahu

  5. RichardM says:

    When in Rome … but why the beard? Has Barak gone frum?

  6. Zalman says:

    I thought Deri was the one who loved hanging around the leftists.

  7. Climbing says:

    I guess he grew a beard, and they put him on a hat for the fun of it.

  8. kehath64 says:


  9. trak443 says:

    forgot his name. the guy who was in jail in bolivia

  10. garlic says:

    well, maybe he will go to yeshiva to learn and get some smarts….

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