Photographer Offers Free Portraits To Women Seeking Shidduchim


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Chazal state: “V’kashin Le’zavgan K’kiriahs Yam Suf”. Never in history has it been so evident that shidduchim are as difficult as the splitting of the sea. Whether you choose to see this monumental challenge as a result of the age gap, sociological differences in becoming a good girl versus good boy, or a Divine gezairah, there is no question that thousands of Bnos Yisrael are suffering.

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Chaya Braun, a newborn baby photographer in Baltimore, Maryland,was looking to do her part to help. “I was trying to find a way to contribute to Klal Yisrael. For a while, I volunteered to drive for Bikur Cholim, however, that generally didn’t work out for my schedule, and I turned them down all too often. Then Hashem put the idea of offering free shidduch portraits to women who are experiencing challenges finding their Bashert.”

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With the advent of the ‘Shidduch Resume’ in recent years, many women attach a photo along with their lists of accomplishments and references Although virtually everyone has access to a camera, getting a good portrait is a skill that takes time, talent, and expensive equipment.


“There’s a lot that goes into each photo that I take,” Chaya says. “The choice of background color and tone, the light and shadows, the angle of my camera, and the lens of my choice, are some of the factors that contribute to create a beautiful portrait.”

Women who are divorced or widowed, as well as single women age 25+ are welcome to contact Chaya Braun Photography to schedule their shidduch portraits. Each woman is given a complementary ten minute session in the studio, and then emailed a professionally retouched digital image. This program is not limited to women who live in Baltimore; visitors to town are also welcome to schedule a photo session!

You can contact Chaya to book your complementary portrait at

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  1. I don’t believe our holy imahos from previous generations went in for all this sending of resumes and pictures of unmarried girls. It seems very untzniusdik to me. Maybe the problems of the older singles would solve themselves more easily if we took a step backwards and didn’t feel the need to rely on modern technology and “a professionally retouched digital image”. The young man’s parents, I hope these pictures are not shown to the young man himself, do not even get to see what the girl actually looks like but get a “a professionally retouched digital image”.

  2. Nice sample picture. Absolutely gorgeous*.

    *Not her, the photography of course. I’d never look at a woman’s face. Perfect background color and tone, light and shadows, angle of camera, and lens of choice.