Peleg Protesters Barricade MK Maklev & Family Inside Their Home; Police Called To Extricate Them [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]



Protestors affiliated with the Peleg faction on Tuesday morning, 28 Shevat, waited outside the Ramot, Jerusalem apartment building where Yahadut Hatorah MK Uri Maklev Lives. Eventually, police were summoned to clear the area for the MK to leave. At least three persons were arrested for disturbing the peace and failing to adhere to instructions of police.

About one-hundred Peleg-affiliated chareidim were outside the home of MK Uri Maklev on Tuesday morning, as well as the homes of other Yahadut Hatorah Knesset Members as the coalition is preparing to address calls for amending law government women and military service.

Protestors were also outside the Jerusalem home of Deputy Education Minister Menachem Porush and the Bnei Brak home of MK Moshe Gafne, who chairs the Knesset Finance Committee. The Peleg protestors somehow blame the Yahadut Hatorah party for unwanted changes taking place regarding the draft law and the drafting of women into the IDF.

The Peleg news hotline called on faction members to come out at 5:00AM outside the Yahadut Hatorah faction’s members’ homes.

VIDEOS & PHOTOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Does EY have laws allowing the use of lethal force against someone who “invades” your home? If not, than the police need to exercise less restraint and stop these mobs of hooligans once and for all. They are terrorists but are treated with kid gloves and simply slapped on the wrist and sent home to their so called rabbonim who send them out on these terrorist attacks.

  2. Wow! While I may agree or may not agree at what they’re doing is irrelevant. The Ahavas Yisrael this frofessed “Gadol-HaTorah-In-Name-Only” promotes makes me wonder how many sedarim he has each day in Torah and how many in quran.
    Such sinaas Yisroel. Haman is loving you!
    Please do teshuva and retract your venomous statement.
    I don’t like this activity either but the vile, vicious attack language you use doesn’t paast for one of Hashem’s am hanivchar and certainly not for a Ben Torah..

  3. @Gadolhadorah: Slapped on the wrist? Are you serious? They are beaten, dragged, hand-cuffed, and jailed. Read the news. Visit our Holy Land. Learn your facts.

  4. Shuali, and they should continue to be beaten, dragged, hand-cuffed, and jailed if they commit these atrocities against other people and/or their property.

  5. > nowecant

    “protest”? The picture of the crowd shown INSIDE the building is actual life-threatening danger and is without any justification. A fire (to name just one of many possibilities) cold kill untold numbers. Aside from that, blocking free exit is criminal, with charges such as unlawful confinement (bordering on kidnapping) coming to mind.

  6. Read the protocol of the Knesset committee meeting today where Maklev took part, and then come back here and see if you still don’t understand what’s going on.
    “Somehow” they are being blamed?
    YWN, how about covering this story properly rather than doing a fake-news article?

  7. Gadolhatorah has nothing to do with torah if anything he is an enemy of torah. YWN is so very one sided they will not report that the Knesset committee ruled today to change the whole law on how girls should register for the draft and these people were following orders from the leading Gedolim in Israel. Gedolei Yisroel from the previous generation ruled that is Yehreg vaal Yavoir and today the so called Yahdut Hatorah Knesset members are passive as this new law goes into affect, they should resign from the coalition it is a disgrace that they remain sitting in the Knesset when the future of klal Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel is in danger. why has YN not reported that Hagoan Hagdol Reb Dovid Scholveichik sent a letter to the leading Rosh Hayeshiva in America the this is a terrible gezairah and we must do all we can to make sure that this law never goes into affect.

  8. If a mob of screaming demonstrators invaded your home, you should be entitled to employ whatever force is allowed by law? In case you didn’t notice, they were not peacefully picketing with their signs on the public streets? We have seen so much violence from these hoodlums so why do you give them the benefit of the doubt or why should they be treated differently than if the same number of screaming guys invaded your house but were weraring Palestinian keffiyehs rather than black hats?

  9. The Peleg news hotline called on faction members to come out at 5:00AM Did this corrupt Peleg hotline call on these trespassers to also skip Schacharis & Tallis & Tefllin? {Since 5.34 was earliest time they could lay Tefillin today}

  10. balbos77:

    It is a wonder to me that you fail to see your own logic and its huge flaws. As far as I can tell, most of us in the CR do not favor the Israeli laws concerning the draft. We may vary in our opposition, but it seems that the consensus is that these laws are not good. In that, there seems to be congruence with what the Gedolei Yisroel say. You seem to suggest that anything but the disgusting violence committed by these hooligans, laydig gayers, mevatlei Torah is part of the problem. I do not think the true Gedolei Yisroel concur with you at all.

    Firstly, you threw around a favorite phrase from our Chachomim, but you perverted it to say something different. That, dear balbos, is blasphemous. You stated Yehreg ve’al yaavor. Our chachomim never, ever said that about anything. They did tell us that in circumstances in which we face a choice between being oveir certain serious aveiros or our own death, we should be moseir nefesh. They stated, “Yeihoreig ve’al yaavor”. Let oneself be killed and not to be oveir. They never said, Yeherag ve’al yaavor – kill another. What these animals are doing is committing acts that are not defensible by any Torah standard.

    Secondly, The Gedolei Yisroel are free to tell these politicians what to do. I may disagree, but the great ones have spoken. But that is their business. It is between the gedolim and these MK’s. What gives me the authority to close my gemora, lose a day of learning, and act like a beheimoh?

    Thirdly, if the leadership of Rav Dovid Soloveichik matters to you, follow his example. He did not throw dirty pampers, eggs, stink bombs, or abandon the Torah learning. He asked an American Rosh Yeshiva to gather talmidim and engage in Torah and Avodah to merit a changing of the gezairoh. Did he propose ugly violence, or did he fulfill the guideline of דרכיה דרכי נועם?

    We can agree on the issue of the law being unfair and against our Torah lifestyle. However, two wrongs do not make a right. And as long as I witness the abandonment of Torah to engage in senseless and midos-free violence, I will never be supportive of this nonsense. Personally, I would wish that Gedolei Yisroel speak out strongly about the travesty of these protests. These protests are disgusting, and are opposite of any respectable Torah standard. If these thugs were serious about Torah, they should return to the Beis Hamedrash, and learn more. They may take a break from their studies to say some Tehilim.

  11. Yes, I concurr, you know very little, if anything, about the draft matzav here in Israel, The Chazon Ish and other Gedaolim have poskinned about girls/women entering the army that it is B’geder of Yehareig V’al Yaavor and that was back when the army was for the most part a security force, compared to the social institution it has become today. It’s telling to hear about the “violence” being “seen” by witnesses who live in Chutz L’aretz who have no concept as to the drastic legal changes that will no longer allow Rabbanim to advocate for Piturim for girls, who will be forced into army service if they are not deemed religious enough by army recriutment staff. This is a shmad and yes, Chareidi politicians who have done very little for their constituents in this and many other areas need to be called out. Yes, violence is not the derech BUT these are not YOUR daughters in Jeorardy so keep quiet and stop judging.

  12. It is heartbreaking to hear the anguished cries at the Atzeres Tefilos held by members of the Aida HaMizrachis (sephardi) community (I can hear them down the street from my home) because their community has beeh hardest hit with the Giyus Banos and so uplifting to see members of all religious come together to storm the heavens to reverse these decrees. If you have any sense of Areivus, stop criticising and start davening.

  13. dbrim:

    You missed my point completely. I am not judging the problem being less than it is. Yaihoreig ve’al yaavor will never include the horrific bizayon haTorah committed by these laydig gayers. The proclamation about yaihoreig ve’al yaavor concerns the girls submitting to the draft. The violence here does nothing to accomplish that, and is not connected whatsoever to the psakim from the Chazon Ish and other Gedolim. None of them ever told anyone to shut down the Beis Hamedrash and express your rage like animals with personal and bodily harm to anyone. How dare you attribute such abominable form of bitul Torah to the Chazon Ish!

    In your next comment, you actually express my point very well. The Sephardi community is making community tefilos, and all should join them. Exactly my point. I think it is clear that HKB”H is far more capable of solving the problem than a bunch of vilde chayos who belong in a beis hamedrash that abandon it to threaten other people.

  14. To d’brim….its fine for these ehrliche yidden to “storm the heavens” and daven all they want for a different political outcome. However, its NOT fine for them to “storm an MK’s home” and restrict his movement for the same purpose and if they do, they should be prepared to daven from a prison cell or even risk physical harm from the occupants of the home and/or the security forces.

  15. > dbrim

    First, women in the military have always been a “social” issue. In fact, in the past they were seen as “available” (loose, etc.), and expected to behave as such, much more so than today. The psychology hasn’t changed. When a female broke a tabu, whether it was tattoos (even for the secular) or joining the military, they were assumed to be “available”. Today (to the secular) , neither tattoos nor joining the military is as tabu as it was, and as such this translates to a different attitude (at last slightly).

    The alleged drastic legal changes (in any number of forms) were always a threat, it did not start now. And it was always handled (mainly) in the quiet and politically. The only thing that has changed is that these “demonstrators” (and I am using that word loosely) are the ones giving ammunition and publicity to the side that wants to depict the religious as crazies.

    It was crazies like these (on a different issue but being just as stupid) that caused the public to elect Lapid in the first place.

    And because of crazies like these that more pressure wil be exerted to pass the very laws that we don’t want to get passed.

  16. Even if the protesters have a legitimate complaint against MK Maklev, how do they explain inconveniencing all the other residents of the building?

  17. The treamendous חוצפה to suggest that Rav Chaim Kanyevsky Shlit”a and Rav Steinman Zatza”l are עובר on ייהרג ואל יעבור, or are supportive of such, is just astonishing…

    Why can’t there be a מחלוקת between Gedolim without the trash-talking and violence? Has תלמידים of רבא protested and shouted that אביי is מחלל שבת according to them???

  18. I’m glad we can all agree that Tefillah is the answer to annuling harmful decrees. Still, does the situation require additional hishtadlus? It is clear that this issue is academic to those that live in Chutz La’aretz, and not viewed as a real-live threat. You feel you can rely on a constitution that grants you your religious freedoms, and if that fails, your religious-political organizations (Agudah, the OU, etc.) will handle any religious issues that may arise. In E”Y, chareidim have dispropotionately little political power and no political voice, despite the political parties that presumably represent them. (This might be true for other religious groups such as the Dati Leumi that live in Yehuda and Shomron, as well.) I am not advocating for violence or inconveniencing the neighbors, or bitul Torah – I’m just trying paint a clearer picture – if it was your daughters , and you had no political influence – how would you respond?