Eli Yishai Sees Room For Teamwork With Shas In Certain Local Elections


Yachad party chairman Eli Yishai is quoted telling the media that he does suggest running his party with Shas is come of the upcoming local elections. Speaking with Moshe Glasner of Kol Berama Radio on Tuesday 28 Shevat, he confirmed the report, explaining it depends on Shas. He gives Tzefas as an example, explaining “our representatives are in positions we offered to Shas, but they refused”.

Yishai adds that in Bnei Brak it is a back and forth relationship and it is difficult to know where Shas stands. From his part, he is willing to work with Shas in certain local elections and to date, the refusal has been coming from his former party colleagues.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yachad didn’t make it, it doesn’t exist and unfortunately it never will because if you try to make a new party and it doesn’t make it so no one will vote again(when the first time it was a waste of a vote)Eli Yeshi and Arya deri have to little in common to work together they were bitter enemies last election