Yishai Continues Efforts to Reach Agreement, Meets with Lapid


Shas leader Minister Eli Yishai met with Yesh Atid leader MK Yair Lapid on Tuesday in yet another effort to reach agreement by which both parties will join a coalition government.

Channel 2 News reports Yishai made another attempt to persuade Lapid to accept a moderate share the burden plan. Lapid and Yishai did not discuss details, only confirming the meeting was held and that it was conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

The secrecy surrounding the meeting has some Yahadut Hatorah officials concerned over a possible deal between Shas and Lapid that would leave the Ashkenazi chareidi party out in the cold.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There is a possible overlap. Lapid’s supporters wouldn’t object to conscientious objector status for yeshiva students if coupled with ending yeshiva subsidies (which are modest, anyone living off them would starve – the overall welfare state benefits are more important economically). Just a mere agreement that no one will be thrown in jail for draft refusal would probably be enough.

    Shas doesn’t want the more radical hareidim to be strengthed by a “war” with the government, and Lapid doesn’t want to be the opposition leader.

  2. I cannot beleive that I am in agreeent with apukerma on this issue….I always thought that the easiest way to tackle this whole army matter was to withdraw the special subsidies of the kolllelim and exempt for a number of years the chareidi zibur- free of the burden of the army and saddled with a lower income, a large part of the chareidi zibbur would opt to go work for a living. In essence, the Kandel proposal would bring about the changes, albeit slowly.

  3. like the gedoloim of previous generations said allow the choking to get involved and they Will try to destroy yiddeshkeit (oops r we being fanatic