Peres Signals Syria: The Golan is Yours


peres.jpgPresident Shimon Peres received royal treatment in Britain on Tuesday, where he was attending ceremonies marking 60 years of diplomatic relations between the UK and Israel.

Addressing a Oxford University audience of over 1,000, the president expressed his confidence regarding prospects for Mideast peace. Regarding Hamas, he stated the terror organization is hurting the “Palestinian cause” and Hamas does not represent the position of the residents of PA areas.

Regarding Syria, the president stated that both Egypt and Jordan got back the lands they lost in the 1967 war and if Syria changes its way, “it too knows what it will receive,” hinting at an Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights.

All was not pleasant for the president, who maintained his composure when his address was interrupted by pro-Arab protestors, who accused him a “war crimes” and decried Israel’s policies in Gaza and elsewhere. They questioned how he can portray himself “a man of peace when he built nuclear weapons”.

Peres is in Britain for a three-day visit. He received an honorary doctorate during his visit and on Wednesday, he is scheduled to address both houses of Parliament. On Thursday, his schedule includes a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, who is expected to bestow honorary knighthood on him. He will also be meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

In his remarks on Tuesday, Mr. Peres made reference to the Iranian threat, pointing out the dangers of the ongoing uranium enrichment efforts and the development of long-range missiles, calling it a “center of terror which feels it has the right to kill anyone it does not like”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Anonymous – Peres may be a Jew, but according to the Zohar he falls in the category of the Erev Rav who try to rule and give away the land in the end of days.
    He doesnt need to be judged favorably