The Enemy from Within – Jewish Goldstone and His Report


gold.jpgIt was the daughter of Justice Goldstone, Nicole, who told the international media that her father, who headed the UN Human Rights Commission probe into Operation Cast Lead, is a proud Jew and one who loves the State of Israel.

In her comments to the press, she added that if not for her father’s pro-Israel efforts, the outcome of the report would have been even more damaging, insisting his input assist Israel, as was reported by YWN-Israel.

She did add however that if he had known the outcome of the report in advance, he would have declined the assignment, but now, it is too late, and the enemy from within has created a global chilul Hashem and placed Israel in a vulnerable position, opening a giant door for lawsuits and legal actions against its government ministers and IDF commanders, now compelled to fend off charges of war crimes and atrocities against humanity. In a bizarre twist of reality and truth, the heads of the most moral army in the world are now charged with being the aggressor, while the terrorists who continue to target civilian population centers are hosted at state banquets, international forums, and even given a podium in the United Nations.

The pressure to move the Goldstone Report to the UN Security Council continues to mount and in Jerusalem, Foreign Ministry officials continue to confer with legal experts, as Israel mounts its response, facing a new enemy, Justice Richard Goldstone and his commission’s findings. As was pointed out by senior government officials, it is obvious to all that the ‘findings’ of the Goldstone Commission were decided upon before the fact-finders entered Gaza, well-aware of their mission, to deliver another blow against Israel under the banner of the UN, a longtime bastion of anti-Israel ideology and policy.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. To further compound the travesty that the commission has made, they took the one token Jew that they added to the commission to give it legitimacy, and named the report after him! As if to say, “look, even the Jews say Israel is the aggressor”. For shame.

  2. I actually read the report and its unbelievably skewed.It equates this terrorist, illegitimate,cruel regime hamas to israel as if they are both equally moral govertments!!! It makes no sense. Secondley everything they said israel did during the war could be said about any country at war, ie: america and the other countries in iraq and afganistan. Also, it seems, not true what his daughter said he wouldnt of joined the committee if he knew the outcome. He gave a op-ed piece in the NY Times defendeing the report and the committee. His whole life was in academics, and doesnt know the damage he’s doing in the real world. “Educated but not smart”. Sad.

  3. Why shoot the messenger? Israel should address the issues raised by Goldstone and ensure they are corrected. Israel may be “right,” but that does mean that are 100% so.

    Israel will find itself strengthened by abondoning, or at least better concealing, its rogue activities. Giving its adversaries ammunition to attack its legitimacy is not a winning strategy.