VIDEO & PHOTOS: Hikind Slams Weprin Campaign For Running Ad With Airplane & Buildings Days Before 9/11 – Demands Apology

(Friday, September 9th, 2011)


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who has crossed party lines to endorse Republican candidate Bob Turner for New York’s 9th Congressional District seat, slammed the Weprin campaign on Friday afternoon. As can be seen in the attached video and photos, the Weprin campaign ran a TV ad on Friday morning, which used an airplane heading toward buildings – just two days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The airplane has the words “Bob Turner For Congress” written on the side.

“Is this sick, is this nuts, who is running their operation”, Hikind demanded to know.

Hikind continued his rant: ‘Right before September 11th, this is the most irresponsible, despicable behavior. As a New Yorker, as a Democrat, I am calling on the other side to not just remove it as commercial, but I am asking for an apology to New Yorkers – it is Chutzpah, ultimate audacity!

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(Eli Gefen – YWN)


  1. The Town Crier says:

    Hikind knows full well that a comittee of democrats and NOT the weprin campaign is resopnsible for the ad. Furthermore, the ad was pulled and edited yesterday before it even ran. hikind knows all of this, but still will stoop to gneivaas daas to get himself more headlines.

  2. The Town Crier says:

    When will all of turners sheep on the frum community explain how they feel justified in stumping for a sleaze whos lasting contrinution to society is the jerry springer show?

  3. oh_yeah says:

    Mr. Town crier if your for weprin and you don’t like when the truth is told about him go read cnn

  4. Think Straight says:

    Town “Shrier” – you are wrong. The ad did in fact run. and the DNC is in fact running Weprin’s campaign. Heck, they just put half a million bucks in on his behalf.

  5. jewishness says:

    Anyone who votes for Weprin in the Jewish community is the worst Jew possible. Weprin stands in front of the Senate and says that as an orthodox Jew he is voting for gay rights!!

    What a low life!

    Vote him out!!

  6. borninthebronx says:

    Some of you may remember the famous 1964 TV campaign ad for President Johnson’s relection. It sought to portray is opponent, Sen. Barry Goldwater, as a warmonger. A little girl was seen picking daisies. All of a sudden a huge atomic mushroom cloud explodes over the screen, followed by the caption – vote for President Johnson on Nov. 4. Despicable? Yes. Effective? Yes.

  7. dontbeagolem says:

    one thing is to disagree

    but dov hikinds excersices in sinas chinam .. just make the chilul hashem even greater

    just try to behave dov

    (i wonder what hidden agenda he has to exhibit such hatred)

  8. tina18 says:

    Turner will win – he got 40% against weiner when nobody though he had a chance – weprin is way less popular then weiner was – turner has real endorsements this time – I predict Turner +8

  9. Homeless says:

    All this does not matter. What’s important to YWN readers is what David Greenfield has to say about all this.

  10. a jew says:

    A few weeks ago a big turner supporter wrote a piece in the 5 towns jewish times about his lunch with David weprin, that changed his view a bit.
    David is a B.T. A chozer Btshuvah, that grew up in a strongly liberal political totaly secular home. He became frum on his own. He never went to the yeshivas that most of us had the zechus to attend. Was his stand on toava misguided and wrong aboslutly. Is he shomer shabbos YES, does he eat only glatt kosher YES.
    Last I checked that was still the yard stick of a frum jew, we can drink his wine and count him for minyon yes.
    The treatment he has received from our community may be a bit misguided, I woneer if the askanim that got the gedolim to put out their letter against him thought of any of this.
    Or the repricutions of tacitly endorsing a descendant of esuv over a (misguded, not lehachis) yid

  11. askan says:

    to comment #10 a jew:

    Mr. Weprin is i’m sure a fine upstanding citizen. He is a shomer shabbos person and yes we can count him in our minyan. But he is not running for rosh yeshuva as he now famously said on ny 1, he is running to represent us in congress. He is running for public office not for gabbai. Personal issues aside, we are discussing his politics since this is an election for politicAL OFFICE. HIS POLITICS ARE NOT OUR POLITICS. ON SOCIAL ISSUES HIS POLITICS DO NOT REPRESENT OURS. WHY DO I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIS FRUMKEIT WHEN HES NOT WORRYING ABOUT MINE? He is running to represent the frum community on a liberal lefty social platform. So yes your absolutly right, his politics and his personal life are 2 seperate issues.Thats why i’ll be happy to daven with the frum David Weprin and drink his wine. I just wont be able to swallow the other david weprin that voted against everything I beleive in.Thats why Turner has my vote.

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