WATCH: Billboard in Downtown Phoenix Shows President Donald Trump with Swastikas



  1. There is clearly a rise in anti-semitism since Trump won the election. Even if he isn’t one personally, his tearing down of all political and presidential standards is allowing the hatred that was harbors in many people’s hearts to come out, unashamed.

  2. #2 RIDICULOUS! NONSENSE! The rise in anti-Semitism is because Jews are trying to mimic the Goyim as has been proven in Germany and we all know the sad ending. If there’s no fear from Heaven, there’s no fear from earth. PERIOD! Secular Jews especially are the ones causing anti-Semitism. It’s secular Jews who are behind all Fake Media (CNN, NY Times, etc.) and all tzoros, e.g. George Tzoros, Zuckerberg.

    Is there anything to be proud of with “President” Obama’s “Presidential standards” who hated Israel and was AND STILL IS a disgrace to the government and America?

  3. Imagine if a Republican had done that with Obama’s picture. The thought police would have been out rioting and breaking windows, and a law would have been passed to make it illegal to make such a billboard. Several conservative groups would have been banned from existing, and Jews would be beaten up all over the USA.