WATCH: Hallel With Rabbi Shalom Arush Pesach 5777



  1. I would love an explanation as to how this is normal. Making a Chuppah in the middle of Hallel ? Breslov clearly holds you can make up anything and I doubt there is any Mekor for such Kalus Rosh.

  2. The Breslov, and especially the followers of R Arush take a very flexible view of how tefillah is conducted. They hold by a hashkafah that just about “anything goes” if it reflects a heart-felt expression of a yid’s ahavas hashem and desire to communicate that ahava through dance, movement or song. I don’t feel the term “kalus rosh” is either appropriate or respectful.

  3. The conservative movement also took a flexible view. Unfortunately it was a view without a Mekor.
    Ahavas Hashem comes through following Torah and Minhagim not making things up. They’re just making things up as they go.
    Very dangerous