Rare Phenomenon As Irma Literally Sucks The Water Away From The Shoreline [VIDEOS]

Before/After in Long Island, Bahamas


The following videos were taken in Tampa, Florida and Long Island, Bahamas and show a rare phenomenon; hundreds of feet of dry land usually covered by ocean water.

Meteorologists explain the incredible pressure from Hurricane Irma is pulling the water into the storm’s center.

Although the Tsunami Information Center warns receding waters are typically a precursor to a tsunami, the Washington Post reports that is not the case in this instance.

Instead, the Long Island shoreline that was swept away with Hurricane Irma was expected to gradually return to Long Island on Sunday afternoon, without great force. The Florida water will return once the storm leaves the area late Sunday.

Meteorologists caution people not to walk on the dry seabed as it will not be safe to be in the area when the water returns.

In Tampa, Florida:

(Nat Golden – YWN)