WATCH – Premiering First On YWN: Baruch Levine – Kum Hithalech Featuring Yonatan Razel


Off his latest album Bonim Atem comes Baruch Levine with a new music video for his hit song Kum Hithalech. The heart stirring song talks about how Hashem tells Avraham Avinu to go walk the land for soon it will be his. For a song discussing Eretz Yisrael Baruch wanted to team up with an Israeli singer who could put deep and heartfelt emotion to his composition and its accompanying words. He found that in the multi-talented Yonatan Razel. The blend of their combined voices will be sure to leave you uplifted and inspired!

Album: Bonim Atem
Artist: Baruch Levine
Featuring: Yonatan Razel
Producer: Yochi Briskman
Video by: Neumann Media
Composed by: Baruch Levine
Arranged by: Yochi Briskman & Yitzy Spinner
Violinist: Joe Deninzon


  1. Baruch! What a beautiful social critique of our culture! The inescapable dissonance between the uplifting words and the breathtaking visuals — that seem to focus singularly on Yerushalayim — goes a long way to showing how we so often miss the forest for the trees.