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“be modeh al haemes”

In the last 2 days, mdd, you have repeatedly castigated me, my hashkafah, my direct reading of the pshat in both the Torah and the Gemara (without offering an alternative direct pshat, instead depending on inferences that support your position), you called a vort of the Netziv modernishe kabala, and you dismissed the entire possibility that someone who doesn’t share your hashkofo could possibly have an alternative point of view that has some justification.

You injected the description of Rav Adas actions as being motivated by the issue of modesty, but such a word or description is not there on the Daf, and as you conceded the meforshim don’t discuss the issue. I looked a fourth time this morning.

The emes is that your arguments are unconvincing. That’s OK. You are entitled to infer or interpret as suits you. As a side note, Rav Eliyahu Abergil, who heads the beis din in Beer Sheva, found sources (I’ve only seen a quote of his work, not the sources themselves) that describe a karbolta, the head covering worn by the woman in the Gemoro, as something associated with idol worship. Not an issue of tznius. In that case, IF she was thought to be a Jewish woman in public displaying the accoutrements of and thus encouraging avodoh zoroh, I understand better why he ripped it off of her head, and I can see it taken as the kind of example that needed action. Again, a Rav Ada or a Pinchas Hakohen is on a madrega to do such a thing.

I guess the words elu voelu divrei elokim chaim have no meaning to you. Well, they do to me. My g(x8) uncle R. Shmuel Shmelke of Nikolsburg encountered many angry Yidden who disparaged his hashkofo, and tried to run him out of town and his position through many of the same overbearing tactics. Didn’t work. And it won’t work.