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    Here’s the video of last time


    Seriously folks, nothing is happening until Sunday


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    imitation is a form of flattery.

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    How many demerits do I have to collect before I get the chocolate bar?

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    Is it better for a girl to be seen “virtually naked” by a man or should she rather opt for the pat down as gross as it is?

    Is it allowed for frum women to go through the scanner?

    Who says it will necessarily be a man doing the scanning? Maybe they have one for men and one for women. But in any case, women go to male doctors all the time (not my preference, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do), so if they can get into a mindset as this being for their health, just like a visit to the doctor, perhaps that will make the scanning requirement easier to accept.


    Oomis- Yes but when you go to a DR its because you are trying to get the best care. Over here- you have another choice- you can do a female only pat down. My question is- on the chance that it is a man seeing your naked body, is it permissible to go thru the scanner or are you halachically required to opt for the pat down?


    I have flown twice in the past two weeks because of this new system, the second time i flew i was pulled out randomly to have a body screening. I happen to knw these screenings can cause issues because of the x-rays that they involve and i knw that for tznius reasons it is not appropriate to go through with a body scan especially as a female. I knew that they were accommodating for those who ask for a pat down so i asked for one and they were fine with that. a few weeks ago they changed the system of the pat downs. before they just patted your arms and lower legs and it is much more thorough now. they did tell me this before and told me exactly what the system was and exactly which parts of me they would touch. When i heard this i then asked to get it done privately and they agreed without hesitation. They even sent 2 ladies into the room with me instead of men without me even asking! Although the pat down is VERY thorough and stress the VERY it still was not that bad as ppl say it is and it definatly was better then the screening and i felt much better not doing it! And again the airports are extremely accommodating and there is no need to worry about asking for a pat down instead or for it done privately.


    The systems blur faces, or they produce body images that look like chalk outlines. Amsterdam’s airport is moving ahead with full-body scanners after trying new software that projects a stylized image rather than an actual picture onto a computer screen. It highlights the area of the body where objects are concealed in pockets or under the clothing.

    I really don’t know why all you guys have such a problem with this, it doesn’t take an actual picture of you.


    Council Member Greenfield, who represents Borough Park, has written an article in today’s New York Post that may be of interest to YWN readers:

    Grope-a-dopes: Support a New York law to ban invasive searches


    Dave Hirsch



    tunebeigel, it can easily be switched to a color picture with photo shop. and they see the whole body. you can even see a picture of it on tsa’s website


    Personally I think everyone needs to take a chill about these “invasive and intrusive body-scans”. People- face the facts were all human beings and we all are basically identical so besides for the problems of tznius I don’t see why people are kicking up such a big fuss at having their photo taken- especially men who go to public Mikvaos. Pat downs I can imagine are pretty uncomfortable so just go for the scanner its over in a sec and just take a chill!!!!

    Now regarding Tznius, I honestly don’t think there’s any problem at all with someone looking at these chalk like images with the main features blurred…and even if they can see something, the whole thing is for safety and might even go into Sakonos Nafoshos, and if a doctor can check you- these people certainly can!!!

    This is just my 2 cents and I really think it makes sense (ouch- very corny pun!!! Not intended 😉


    I flew recently and did not go through the scanner because I’m expecting and was afraid of harm to the fetus. I did consent to a pat down and it was a lot worse than I had expected. To be fair, they did warn me before they touched me in places that might make me uncomfortable, but I still found it degrading, especially because they took me into a private room in the middle and made me take off my shirt. You would have thought I was a Muslim with wires coming out of me, not a frum woman pushing a toddler in a baby stroller. My face was burning by the time I ran out of that room.


    Let me know how many donuts I need to bake… er, fry. Only one of you needs baked donuts, right?




    mother in israel- they really did that to you??????? what do they think your baby is a bomb?! This is crazy! I wish i had the guts to tell one of those tsa agents off…. Let see them take off thier shirt for some stranger. Mother in Israel, you shoulda said well, I’m warning you… I’m very prone to throwing up and I’m feeling super nauseous right now lol


    Anyone wonder if the TSA agents themselves get the pat down? Who said THEY’RE not the ones with the bombs?!


    Don’t shoot the messengers. The TSA agents are doing their job, a job that has annoyingly, and frustratingly become necessary because of all the lunatics out there. Have you forgotten the pregnant Irish woman whose muslim boyfriend put a bomb in her luggage? He had absolutely NO concern for the life of the woman he professed to love, much less his OWN unborn child. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am sickened by this whole thing, but it is what it is.



    people were only doing their job. Molesting children is wrong and doing your job is not much of an excuse. Did you see that video on the YWN homepage of the TSA agent molesting a young boy? I would never take my kids on a plane until the situation changes.

    also, its not desperate times that call for these desperate measures. its corrupt politics that called for these desperate measures. The head of El Al security said he could go thru these scanners with enough explosives to bring down a 747. Israel doesn’t use them because they can’t find many of the plastic explosives that terrorists are likely to try to use. But Chertoff, the former head of homeleand security, is making millions on them as the lobbyist for the company that the TSA is buying them from. I wonder if any kickbacks have made their way to the current heads of homeleand security.



    SMS, it wasn’t my stomach they were after. I don’t know how to write this in a way the mods will let it go, so let’s just say they were looking elsewhere.


    they’ll have fun with me! i have to take my three year old-still in diapers-to a specialist in Cincinnati. when i go through metal detectors i beep due to wires in my jaw bones that were put in during jaw reconstructive surgery years ago. so, they’ll have to check for bombs in my mouth and what will they look for in my over three year old’s diaper? if he’s still wearing diapers it must be to hide something! also, i carry water to change his diapers, not wipes. ooh…the water must be to make a bomb while in the plane!!!


    And we DO live in desperate times. The physical frisking seems to be more necessary and accurate than the scanners, based on what you wrote about the Israeli guy who said he could pack plastic explosives and they would never know. If that is so, physical close frisking would seem to be necessary.

    I for one, am not travelling anywhere any time soon. If enough people were to stop flying, btw, a) the pricing would come down and b) they would have to find another way to accomplish this end.


    yes we live in desperate times, i agree 100%. I just don’t believe that TSA’s scanners and new pat downs are the answer to the desperate times. As far as I’ve heard, the pat downs are only for opt-outs of the scanners but in airports which don’t have the scanners yet there are no patdowns either. If they are so necessary for security, then why aren’t they done in those airports too? It would seem the only purpose of the new pat down is to get people to go thru the scanners.

    The real solution is to profile and then thoroughly frisk those who are deemed high risk, not to just randomly frisk 20% of the people and then there is an 80% chance that the terrorist won’t be the one who is randomly selected. But of course profiling will never fly here. oh well.


    Oomis, I’m with you on that one. After what I experienced, I don’t plan on flying again for a long, long time. I travel a lot for work, but I’m going to start using other methods of transportation, even if that means spending many hours on the road.

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