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    I have lived a good part of my life with mice. Oh, not intentionally of course. Its just that they take up residence in my apartments.

    But over the decades, I have so many stories to share.

    The one I have in mine, in particular, is, oh actually two stories.

    I) One day, I open the pantry and a foul smell is wafting out, for actually quite a few days it went on and continued, until I discovered what it was. One day I had decided to bake Bran Muffins. And I went to the pantry to get the carton of Molasses. I was just about to start pouring thick sweet blackstrap molasses out, when the bottom with tail of a mouse appeared protruding out of the spout! OF course it was dead. He had jumped in and gotten stuck and drowned in the black tar like syrup. But ohhh. What a smell. Fermenting in sugar.

    I actually didn’t use that molasses. To bake. Those Muffins….

    II) One day, my child yells : Mommy, mommy, something is swimming around in our kitchen sink. So I come, and find a junior youth of a mouse rodent, nearly collapsed from exhaustion, treading soapy dishwater, keeping his head above bubbles.

    Out of pity I extracted him with a soup ladle. Set him on the kitchen floor and sternly warned him, almost nose to nose :

    ” I am taking pity on you, by saving you, but you better run now, cause if I find you here again…it’ll be your last time. DONT COME BACK NOW,ya hear?”

    The last story I really hate was when we put a gluey mouse trap in the closet beside the shabbos table, and shabbos the mother and father and babies all got themselves glued up, incited by a drop of peanut butter. They squeaked and yelped in their rodent voices for a while, and it was distressing to the atmosphere during the Seuda. Finally My husband took the whole glue pad and flung it over the balcony to a snow bank in -24 degree freeze where they hypothermically met their end. I really actually felt bad for them, and complained several times how cruel a death that was.

    Oh well.

    Next, we had a problem once, where the mouse ran up on a kitchen shelf where he was essentially trapped, and I was confronting him. He basically wove his way back and forth between objects to keep hiding from me. As I approached, being a woman, I was also scared, and intimidated feeling weak (dont ask, I know I am 2000 times his size but its a woman thing.) So I like hesitated before making my move. WEll I guess the suspician he was trapped in was worse than death, for this mighty mouse. He couldn’t take it anymore and he just walked out from his hiding place, and sort of stood on two legs like not exactly with his fists up to fight, but like he looked at me like “ok, lady, what do you wannna do? Just make your move”. He was fed up with the suspense. So I just laughed and walked away. And he ran in the other direction.

    I will save the other mice tales for later….

    Lets hear yours for now.


    I remember my first class in our school’s new computer lab. After my class finished oohing and aahing at all the new equipment (mind you, we were in 12th grade) we finally got settled down for class. I took my seat by the computer. And. Suddenly. Felt. Something. Soft. By. My. Feet. Unfortunately, I can be a real girl when it comes to these things. And I screeched. Loud. So besides for the mini heart attack I nearly had, I got in trouble too for my immature behavior. And little Mr. Mouse never knew what hit him cuz he was dead. To this day, we are unsure whether he was dead in the first place. Or if my decibel level put him out for good.


    Hope this does not blow my anonymity. Our old house with “balloon construction” hollow walls was a magnet location for mice. We became experts with sprig traps (conscientious objector to glue traps) and after a cycle of trapping we would have a period of peace. For our two youngest, we has an elderly Russian nanny. She had a rough life growing up and living in Stalingrad, and she was really solid and unflappable, One day I got a call from my wife to rush home, there was some issue. As I pulled up, my nanny ran out as a madwoman ranting in Russian with my two year old’s name peppered in here and there . He was sitting happily on the living room floor with tufts of mouse hair scattered all over. We never found the body, nor did we ever get a full story out of the distraught nanny.





    Many years ago, I baked hamentashen before Purim. They were in gallon size zip lock bags on top of my washing machine. Each bag had a different filling. I went out in the morning with my daughter to her bus stop. I came back and found a mouse eating his way into a corner of one of the bags. He got scared and ran. He had bitten into a corner of each bag and tasted one hamentash from each bag.

    This happened when my landlord was renovating and I suppose disturbing the mice, so they came to me. I gave them a chance and told them that either they leave on their own or I would have to find a way to get rid of them. Obviously they didn’t listen to me. Glue traps did the job.

    They seemed to like “Jewish” foods, including farfel, Challah, etc.



    Probably gilgulim of hidden Tzaddikim that used to fast on Shabbosim.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I remember finding a sealed bag of chocolate chanuka gelt. When I looked more closely I saw that a mouse had chewed a tiny hole and had eaten all the chocolate out, leaving a seemingly sealed bag of gold foil circles.

    One spring we reached into a cabinet for a bag of birdseed we had placed there the previous fall. The bag was a pile of shreds, and the bottom of the cabinet was lined with hulls from 10 pounds of birdseed. It must have fed the whole neighborhood with that find. Months later we moved the stove and found a huge pile (maybe a gallon jug full) of seeds, food, scraps and even chunks of mouse poison next to a fluffy ole nest. Life of Riley. All that he lacked was the golden goblet of wine!

    My friend gave me a picture of a certain Rebbe to hang up and they haven’t been seen since.


    seedys, is it possible that they seemed to prefer Jewish food maybe becuase you didnt give them a diverse variety of other cultural ethnic gourmet?

    ahh…Pretzel,, now we all know who you are. LOl????????

    the russian nanny thing really blew your cover. KIDDING. you are still anonymouse!


    This story comes from 1996. I left on my first business trip the weekend of the Blizzard of 1996 – actually just got off the ground that Sunday AM, but it was the first time my wife, kids and I had ever been away from each other like that.

    So my wife asks her younger sister if she wants to stay with her and the kiddies until I return on Wednesday and she does. During the time she’s there, my wife notices a smell in our living room and thinks, “Gee, did my sister not take a shower. Does she smell that bad?” But then she does take a shower and the smell is still there.

    I get off the plane on Wednesday, call home and am told, by the wife, that she thinks there’s a dead mouse in the living room; we had been having mouse problems in our apartment. I get home and start searching, finally finding the dead critter under our love seat. I promptly run into the bathroom and vomit. Now, I’m thinking, what to do, so I call my father-in-law, who tells me I should just take some paper towels or newspapers, pick it up and throw it out. I ask him if he’ll come over and do it (mind you, there’s 25+ inches of snow still on the ground); he says no.

    Brilliant me, I get out the Kenmore and vacuum the little dead guy up. The sound of the mouse going up into the canister prompts me to run to the bathroom and vomit again. How got the vacuum cleaner bag out to the garbage, I don’t remember, but we still talk about the whole incident to this day.


    There was this little storage closet off our classroom in high school. One day, during our lunch break, a class mate of mine had to use a certain device that was not allowed on school grounds. So as we all did, she opened the storage room and was about to closet herself in it when she suddenly shrieked. She slammed that door so hard and sweared she saw a mouse. So of course we did not believe her so we all gathered round while someone bravely opened the door so we can all check it out. Indeed, there was a mouse. So being the mature girls we were, we planned that during the next class someone would nonchalantly open the door and the mouse will probably dart out and BOOM! We wouldn’t have class. So that’s what happened. Except that once the door was open and everyone was holding their feet up, nothing happened. After class we checked up on our dear friend who was supposed to be out partner in crime. And s/he was dead! That was the first and probably last time I was so upset to see a dead mouse.


    You’re a guy zen? Sensitive constitution.


    What about one that bites a cat? If you ever have a story like that it should get a Pulitzer Prize!


    LOL! We’ve had a few mouse adventures, but none of them were as spectacular as those! 😀


    Not a mouse story, but for my first doctorate I was researching the physiological effect on the cerebrum of cognitive behavioral conditioning, and I used a rat. His name was Fluffy because he was Siamese. After learning to run through the maze in response to specific stimuli, I repeatedly employed those stimuli in succession causing him to run endlessly and brought his heart rate up to 2000 beats per minute. After 4 minutes, he expired and I observed that his brain was the size of a walnut. Then I suspended him by his tail from a light fixture in the womens bathroom.


    Squeak, you come off as a bit cruel for an academic who holds more than one doctorate, no?

    Anyways, squeak, I am curious though as to why you had to suspend him from a light fixture in a woman’s bathroom?

    Or is that a joke?

    How did you discover his brain size?


    “How did you discover his brain size?”

    I had one of the TAs pass me a scalpel.



    How German of you.


    B”H you were able to see that. Chaval that not everyone was allowed to, but at least its not a total waste.


    Twisted, yep. Can’t stand mice and bugs. But I used to be an EMT and that type of blood and gore bothered me.

    Little Froggie

    zen, I’m with you, totally.

    When I take my children to the pediatrician for immunizations or of such sort, she ALWAYS makes sure to either send me out or have me totally distracted when she goes about her work. After once nearly fainting, she doesn’t want to have two cases.

    Oy. Just thinking about it…<PLOP>


    Zen, Former emt here too. The gore never bothered me, though there were lots of sad cases that I should have asked for therapy about. Talking shop with peers, I have heard of cases with distal tissue necrosis that got infested with maggots. I suppose you were fortunate never to see one.


    Luckily I’ve never had mice in my house (though one memorable summer I was sprayed by a skunk in my backyard), but I will never forget going to a friend’s house and being a witness to her and her mother nonchalantly extricating a dead squirrel from my friend’s closet as I sat there and watched. They were both teasing me about how I’m from Monsey (they live in the city) so I should be used to animals- I retorted that I’m used to seeing them alive in the trees. (Or as roadkill, but that’s a discussion for a different day.)

    In school, though, we had mice for quite a while when I was in ninth and tenth grades. There was a certain food policy in school that led to food being left around in a few places that turned out to be near existing mouse holes. Encouraged by the buffet, the mice emerged and caused quite a bit of chaos. The climax was one day when everyone was davening mincha and suddenly someone in the front began to shriek- a mouse had run over her feet as she was about to begin shmoneh esrei. The entire school pretty much jumped onto our chairs and waited (through mincha and half of the next class) for the mouse to vanish- it was not long after that that we had that particular food policy canceled.


    my story is about a possum.

    There was this horrible smell in our school for months!!! lone could figure out where it was coming from. One day we were doing a project so we decided to take a box from the hallway that noone had touched for years. We took one and felt that it was full so e opened the box to empty it. 3 things happened.

    1. We shrieked for about 10 mins nonstop.

    2. We passed out from the HORRIBLE smell!!!

    3. we chucked the box across the hallway.

    I will never touch anything in my school that hasn’t been used for a while now.


    Oh, yes… and then there was the time that a squirrel jumped through the window of my brother’s classroom as they were in the middle of a bechina by the principal.

    You want chaos? Shove a freaked-out squirrel in the middle of thirty stressed, nervous, hyperactive ten-year-old boys.

    YW Moderator-42

    ..And again here


    Weird mouse story: Steamboat Willie, about a mouse who is a steamboat captain. The story was by a guy named Disney, and it was the beginning of a business that has become an enormous movie, news, amusement park and entertainment business. What could be weirder?


    I am literally SICK from this discussion, and feel very creeped out. Mice are NOT cute.


    Oomis, How about froggies? (cute little one).

    Stay tuned!! One more week.


    We have them, too. Except for in Egypt, they are very cute…


    I discovered two types of mouse pads.

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