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    Someone told me “get the picture of the roach rabbi, hang it up in your apt. and there will be no roaches!

    does anyone know where to get the pic. of this rabbi?

    does anyone know if it works? did it work for you?

    meanwhile, someone told me get riddex(not sure if correct spelling)

    which is those thigs you plug into outlets to send ___ through the walls so bugs/mice…do not come into your house?

    Anyone used riddex plug ins for roaches did it work?

    The source of the roaches are from my neighbor who is an old man who can’t keep his house clean! My apt. is clean, but roaches need water and can eat paper, they come to me too in the warm months!


    Print out the picture from online. The plug ins did not really work for the roaches but we do still have them plugged in. We had to call an exterminator which finally got rid of them. In addition to fumigating, he also gave us these roach traps that did actually catch a few roaches. I don’t have the name in front of me but when I have a minute to find out, I will.

    Good luck!


    A picture of a Rabbi keeps roaches away? That feels a bit like Christianity to me…


    What is the ‘Roach Rabbi”?


    What DOES work is Combat roach GEL.

    It comes in a plastic syringe.

    Put small dabs every few inches where you are seeing roaches.

    Bar Bay Rav

    I never haerd of a roach rabbi but they say to get rid of mice you hang up a picture of the Kerestirer Rebbe.


    If you want to get rid of mice you hang up a picture of Rav KATZ


    thanks for the advice, all those things like combat and… are things that I am aware of and might work, but for me they did not work for complete removal.

    Therefore, I figured I would try the things that I never tried yet which is the plug ins and roach rabbi. (I just bought 2 “Victor” plug ins to try out.)

    “happiest” thanks for the advice, but I tried to google the roach rabbi and nothing came up, DO YOU KNOW THE EXACT WEBSITE/ADDRESS TO GO IN ORDER TO PRINT OUT THE PICTURE of the ROACH rabbi?

    Also, “bar bay rav” and “zahavasdad” notice that you both quoted different rabonim?? I assumed that the mice rabbi is one specific rabbi.

    In addition, thanks for the advice of the mice rabbi, but someone told me there is a SEPARATE RABBI FOR ROACHES.

    Those of u who told me to use the mice rabbi, do you know from experience that the mice rabbi works for the roaches too?


    Pic of kerestirer rebbe is for MICE. Not roaches.

    Combat gel works wonderful, believe me! I’m experienced with roaches, unfortunately….


    There is no way on Earth that putting up pictures of a Rabbi to ward of cockroaches and mice is Muttar. It is, at best, Issurei D’Oraisa of Nichush and Darchei Ha’emori.


    Zahavasdad– LOL 🙂 Good one.


    @Gefen you were the first to get it

    Right Path

    Right Path, if that is the roach rabbi, where can I get his picture and how do you know he is the roach rabbi?


    I know a Rabbi Roach, a long time ago we were good friends. I have a picture of the two of us, if that’s good enough, but let me tell you there is nothing about his face that would scare anyone. He’s heard all the jokes about his last name already and no longer is impressed by them. Let me know if you still want the picture.

    YW Moderator-42

    ..and then here again..

    (just following you around)

    Oh, yes, you have a good remember. (or search engine)


    There’s a frog infestation. How do u get rid of frogs?

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Calling anyone a “roach rabbi” or a “mice rabbi” seems like a lack of kavod. R’ Shaya Keristierer was a big tzaddik, and animals were afraid of him. They do seem to be afraid of a picture of him as well, but he’s worthy of a spot on your wall as a gadol b’yisroel, not as a mouse chaser. My uncle has a large canvas print in his living room… no he does not have any mice problems.


    I heard his picture also keeps out lions and elephants.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Gamanit – I completely agree. But I guess the mods don’t.



    ????? ??? ?? ?’ ?? ??? ????????

    Gamanit: I know, I voiced my protest before, on a different thread.

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